Bet On F1 In 2020 To Be A Season In Many Different Shadows

Posted: February 28, 2020

Updated: April 1, 2020

  • A Pall Cast By Headlines As China Is Forced To Call Off GP
  • Find All The Best Odds For A Bet On F1 In 2020 At Unibet
  • Already Busy Calendar Leaves No Room For Postponements

It’s not long now till Australia and the first race of the new Grand Prix season. However, the sport has already hit the headlines as Covid-19 forces the authorities to cancel the race in Shanghai. Online betting sites in China will take a hit over that, and it might not be the last race to get the chop. So, anyone planning to bet on F1 in 2020 will have to be a tad cautious when picking individual race winners. But that still leaves plenty of odds on F1 worth picking up. 

“The health and safety of people come first.” Chase Carey assured everyone. The chief executive of F1 need not have bothered. F1’s slavish craven cowering before the health and safety gods is legendary. “As a result of continued health concerns the FIA and F1 have taken these measures.” Which is fair enough. Shanghai is barely 500km from Wuhan and you can bet on F1 in 2020 to be a circus of over 2,000. Best it wasn’t some sort of high-tech four-wheeled Typhoid Mary.

F1 Constructors Odds 2020

  • Williams – 2500/1
  • Racing Point – 1500/1
  • Haas – 1000/1
  • Alfa Romeo – 1000/1
  • Alpha Tauri – 750/1
  • Renault – 300/1
  • McLaren – 100/1
  • Red Bull – 5/1
  • Ferrari – 13/5
  • Mercedes – 2/5

In other years perhaps the Chinese Grand Prix could have been rescued. This year, however, with so many races on the calendar there’s no room to postpone. Twenty-two races is already pushing it in the opinion of some. Other race hosting nations, although asked, were disinclined to swap with China. Those who regularly bet on sports in China might hope it would be bumped till the season’s end. But don’t bet on F1 in 2020 being so simple. Abu Dhabi pays to be the final race. It won’t want anyone to steal its thunder.

China Bites The Bullet But Will Hanoi Follow Suit?

So, then the absence of the Chinese Grand Prix could end up just another odd stat on the F1 sheets. The first cancellation since Bahrain in 2011. It may not be the last. Authorities in Vietnam, a new race this year, are also concerned with the risks to public health. Losing this inaugural GP in the country, destined to be an ‘interesting’ street circuit race, would be disastrous. Sponsors who bet on F1 in 2020 including the race in Hanoi will be disappointed. Very disappointed.

Disappointment might be a hallmark of this season. The ‘big changes’ to the rules that will revamp the sport in 2021 leave this one the last hurrah of a dead era. The degree to which both teams and drivers will be keeping their powder dry is as yet unknown. It could have a considerable impact. Those thinking of taking advantage of Chinese gambling laws to bet on F1 in 2020 might want to put a bet on Arsenal rather than a bet on Ferrari. Mercedes may stroll it.

Bet On F1 In 2020
F1 Car

Grab The Best Prices For A Bet On F1 In 2020 At Unibet

A bet on Lewis Hamilton to be world champion is going for around 11/20 at Unibet right now. That’s no bad wager, especially considering the other 2020 F1 betting odds on everyone else. Charles Leclerc gets 9/2 and Max Verstappen 7/2 leaving Bottas at 11/2 and Vettel at 7/1. It would seem the trifective is complete. Between the health concerns of the coronavirus, the shadow of 2021 and the likely Mercedes dominance, you can bet on F1 in 2020 to be a tad odd. Okay. Very odd.

2020 F1 WDC Odds

  • Anyone Else – 1000/1
  • Alexander Albon – 100/1
  • Sebastian Vettel – 7/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 11/2
  • Charles Leclerc – 9/2
  • Max Verstappen – 7/2
  • Lewis Hamilton – 11/20

Not that this will stop it being an exciting circus. You can bet on Mercedes as easy on any other team. Online sportsbook sites in China like Unibet, as elsewhere, will do a roaring trade as the cars gather in Australia. That they’ll not be able to bet on the Chinese Grand Prix this year will be a shame and one that will attract comment. Indeed perhaps the best bet on F1 in 2020 is that the comment may overshadow the racing. So, pick a champion, but race winners? Save those until later.

We take a look at the many shadows that seem to be throwing shade on any bet on F1 in 2020 before the season has even started.

You can see more about these odds at Unibet Sportsbook here.

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