Royals on TV: Bet on Meghan Markle to Appear in Any Series

  • As a former actress, Meghan Markle can return on TV screens
  • The Duchess of Sussex has to earn money on her own now
  • What series is more likely to sign her up?
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What will she do after Megxit?
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Bet on Meghan Markle to renew her career on TV after giving up her royal title. As a former actress, she can choose any series and put its ratings on new highs. So, what TV shows are most likely to sign up the Duchess of Sussex?

This January, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shocked the world with their willingness to leave the Royal Family. Their plan is to abandon titles and live between the UK and Canada. The Queen was upset to learn that her grandson’s family wants to quit, however, she supported them in their decision. Recently, paparazzi caught Meghan Markle walking with her baby Archie in Victoria. It seems that the Sussexes are sure about their future in North America but what will they do next?

Popular predictions about Harry and Meghan’s further steps were divided. Some of them state that the couple will divorce, while the others bet on the Sussexes permanently move to Canada. However, the most believable scenario for them is developing their TV career. As former royals, the couple won’t receive money from the Queen, so they must earn it on their own. Bet on Meghan Markle to renew her acting career as this turn of events seems the most reasonable.

Will she get back to Suits?

bet on Meghan Markle, bet on Royal Family, British Royals, 22bet
Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams, her partner in Suits [Genevieve [CC BY] Wikimedia Commons]
The first thing that comes to mind while speaking about Meghan Markle & TV series, is Suits. A casting director of this drama was lucky enough to invite her to play Rachel in seasons 1-7. Suits gave Meghan her first recognition while she gave the show its second breath after becoming the Duchess. Fans of the Royal newcomer were eager to watch her on a screen and Suits occupied the first slot in Meghan’s filmography.

Therefore, Suits is the most popular bookmakers’ choice when it comes to the Duchess’s return to her acting roots. Bet on Meghan Markle to renew her career on TV in a cameo in Suits with its 2.00 odds. However, it is not the only option for Meghan to star on small screens.

Bet on Meghan Markle to join The Crown

Starring in this popular British TV series is definitely a more desirable choice for Meghan Markle’s fans. The Crown series follows the Royal Family’s life from Elizabeth II coronation until nowadays. The show had already introduced the main characters like The Queen herself (Olivia Colman), Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter), Prince Phillip (Tobias Menzies), Charles and Anna (Josh O’Connor and Erin Doherty). The next season will cover the story of Charles and Diana (Emma Corrin), so the appearance of their children is just a question of time. Therefore, the series fans are excited about the possibility of signing up Harry and Meghan in the role of themselves. Who can refuse to watch this? 2.75 odds at 22Bet Sportsbook show that many people would be happy to see the Sussexes in The Crown series.

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