Bet on Meryl Streep to Win an Oscar Until 2025

  • Meryl Streep is the most Oscar-awarded living actress
  • She has won 3 Academy Awards during her film career
  • Will a Hollywood star beat her own record by 2025?
bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar
Image source: Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

American actress Meryl Streep is a living legend with zero bad performances and three Oscars. She has been nominated for the Academy Awards more than anyone, but still doesn’t hold the record as the most-awarded actress. You can bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar in years to come and prove she is number 1.

A 70-years-old Meryl Streep is probably the only living actress, whose talent has never been put into question. Since the start of her career in the 1970s, she earned hundreds of awards & nominations. Critics and viewers’ admiration was with her all the time too. She holds the record being the most-nominated film star at the Academy Awards (21), but still doesn’t have the title of the most awarded actress. 

Currently, the most-Oscar winning actress is Katharine Hepburn. One of the major leading stars in Hollywood in the 20th century won 4 statuettes during her 73-years career. This is a record for both actors and actresses. Yet she was nominated by the Academy only 12 times – almost twice less than Streep – Hepburn still surpasses her colleague by a number of winning prizes. It is hard to deny Katharine’s impact and influence in cinematography, but this time you should bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar in the near future to prove that the new generation has its own jewels too.

Why should I bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar?

Besides online sportsbooks in the US, many facts speak for Meryl Streep to win her next Oscar until 2025. Mainly, it’s her frequent nominations for Academy Awards, which she receives almost every year. The biggest gap at Oscars was from 1991 till 1996, when she didn’t get any. Can you imagine that almost all other years of her career were full of accolades, including the major American award?

During the 2010s, Streep received 6 Oscar nominations and won one for “The Iron Lady”. Her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom, won the jury’s hearts. She got two other awards much earlier – in 1983 for “Sophie’s Choice” and in 1980 for “Kramer vs Kramer”. What a good start for a film career!

bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar
Will she get it?

Two new films starring Meryl Streep will be out soon. “Let Them All Talk” and “The Prom” hasn’t been scheduled for a particular date yet, but they are likely to be out in 2021-2022 as they have been already announced. It means that the actress has two chances to run for the Academy Award until 2025. Therefore, you can bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar soon.

Odds on Meryl Streep are good

There is also a reason why placing a bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar makes sense even for those, who are far from films and awards. Mainly, it’s an opportunity to make easy money. 1xBet Sportsbook offers 3.00 odds on the actress to win the 4th statuette by the end of 2024. Although the same sportsbook offers better odds on her to fail, it is reasonable to bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar soon. Firstly, you can earn more if she wins. Then, besides the reasons we have mentioned above, there is one more argument for her.

As we know, Meryl Streep is already 70. We don’t say that she should retire in the near future, but her chances to do so increase year by year. Having devoted more than 50 years to the film industry, the actress can easily take a break or even leave big screens to spend more time with family. If she does so, giving her an award to sum up her merits and liken her to Hepburn is a must-do for the Academy.

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