How to Bet on Celebrities and Win: Best Tips


Posted: March 25, 2020

Updated: March 25, 2020

  • Is it possible to win from betting on film & music stars?
  • There are two ways to predict celebrities’ further steps
  • Intuition and knowledge are your strongest weapons

If you are a frequent guest at sportsbook sites, you probably notice that there are many odds on actors, musicians, models, etc. But how to bet on celebrities and win? Is it even possible to predict other people’s actions? There are some tips and we are going to tell you about them.

Regardless of the online sportsbook site you use to bet on various events, it should include at least one or two bets on celebrities. We even covered the most recent ones, such as Rihanna-LVMH partnership bets and odds on Robbie Williams to fight Liam Gallagher. Once you see predictions like these, a row of logical questions arises. How is it possible to bet on celebrities and win? Is there any algorithm to foresee the further steps of people you have ever known in person? We will try to figure out tips & tricks that can help you to make money on famous people’s lives.

Knowledge is power

We will not reinvent the wheel if we say that being aware of celebrities’ lives is a key to success. Once you decide to bet on any movie or music star, the first thing you should do is get familiar with him/her and the subject of betting. Let’s dig into the details using the odds on the next reigning monarch in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms. Yet they are not related to showbiz, tips on how to bet on celebrities are applicable to the Royals too.

How does it work?

As it is clear from the predictions, Charles is the most likely to wear the crown after his mother’s death. God save the Queen, but no one is immortal, unfortunately. Early or late, we will witness the change in the British monarchy and 1.29 odds point on Prince of Wales to be the next ruler. But one shouldn’t underestimate Prince William with 3.50 odds at 1xBet Sportsbook to sit on the throne. You may disagree, as Charles leads the odds & is the heir to the crown, which gives him benefits. However, once you dig into the British Royals history, doubts will appear as there are many factors that may prevent Prince Charles from becoming a King.

how to bet on celebrities
Follow these tips and win!

Firstly, Charles’s age is the reason to abandon the title. He is 71, so if he inherits the throne this year, he will already be the oldest newly-crowned King of England. Surely, this is not a big problem, but does it make any sense to change the national anthem, the currency for just 5-10 years? Also, one shouldn’t forget about a bias against Charles and Camilla after tragic Diana’s death. William and Harry’s mother is still a queen of hearts for much British thinking of Charles as a weak man who couldn’t go against the Queen’s will, while one of her grandsons could. Therefore, Prince William remains the most desired candidate for the throne despite being second in the line.

Trust your intuition

In spite of logical evidence, you shouldn’t abandon your intuition when it comes to betting on celebrities. The sixth sense is a powerful tool that is often and unfairly underestimated. Thus, if your brain tells you to bet on Brangelina to reunite, but your heart belongs to Braniston, pick them. As we took Brad Pitt & two major women of his life as an example, follow our thoughts while questioning how to bet on celebrities.

We all know the dramatic story of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s romance. They were in love, then he met Angelina Jolie, then they split. The end? No. The 2020 SAG awards ceremony showed that the final stop wasn’t put in their story. Pitt and Aniston looked so sweet while meeting off-stage that the Internet went crazy. Yet there are more reasons to reunite Brad with Angelina like having 6 children & 12 years of relationship, which is twice more than Braniston’s one, there’s nothing to do with our desire to see Pitt and Aniston walking side by side. Especially since the SAG showed that it is more than possible.

So, how to bet on celebrities properly?

In conclusion, we would like to advise you to combine your knowledge and intuition while betting on Hollywood stars. It would be easier if you are a fan, so you are aware of all updates in the celebrity’s life and your chances to win money double. However, if you are new in showbiz, there are many things to learn. Follow online gambling news in Russia and stay tuned to the recent updates in the music & film industry, as it’s time to make money on celebs!

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