Last Chance To Bet On Pool Super Series 2020


Posted: August 4, 2020

Updated: August 4, 2020

  • Don’t miss the Hibboth v O’Donoghue duel today
  • This is the last chance to bet on Pool Super Series 2020
  • Check Bet365 Sportsbook to find odds on the grand final
This is the last opportunity to bet on Pool Super Series 2020. The final competition is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4. Hurry up to check the Hibboth v O’Donoghue odds to see who can be the winner. The 2020 Pool Super Series has a grand final today. The last competition of the year is scheduled for 7 pm (GMT +2) on August 4. Save the date! This day, Gareth Hibboth will compete against Alex O’Donoghue for the leadership in the pool. So, let’s see what odds Bet365 Sportsbook gives for both pool players. Follow online gambling sites in the UK to find more bets on pools.

Bet on Pool Super Series final 2020: Hibboth v O’Donoghue

Two Pool Super Series players - Gareth Hibboth and Alex O’Donoghue - have done a long way to the final. According to the previous stakes made at online sportsbooks in the UK, both players have been through tough competitions. In particular, Hibboth outplayed Shaun Storry on July 30 with a 1-3 total score, having secured his place in the final. O’Donoghue’s most difficult game was on July 29 - with a 2-3 score, he managed to outplay Marc Farnsworth. Now, these two are going to meet on August 4, 2020, to decide who is the best pool player. According to Bet365 odds & predictions, Gareth Hibboth has 1.53 odds to win the PSS final, while O’Donoghue's chances to be the number 1 can be seen through 2.37 odds. By predictions, Hibboth’s performance during the whole Pool Super Series 2020 was slightly better than his competitor’s one. However, if you want to risk & win more money, you better support O’Donoghue - and don’t forget to follow the game at Bet365 Sportsbook. Following Bet365, this is your last chance to bet on Pool Super Series this year. However, there will be more bets on other pool competitions soon. So, check the sportsbook regularly to benefit from your favorite sports & games.

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