Bet on the Best Netflix Series 2020: Latest Odds

  • Have you ever scrolled through Netflix looking for something and hesitating under the weight of literally thousands of new TV shows?
  • Indeed, we understand: analytical paralysis is not a joke!
  • In this article, we have decided to help you bet on the best Netflix series 2020. 
Bet on the best Netflix series 2020

Have you ever scrolled through Netflix looking for something and hesitating under the weight of literally thousands of new TV shows? Indeed, we understand: analytical paralysis is not a joke! With such an abundance of original content, it can be difficult to choose something worthy in terms of quality. Well, yes, everyone is talking about Ryan Murphy’s new series. However, does that mean you should watch it? In this article, we have decided to help you bet on the best Netflix series 2020. 

Selena: Bet on the best Netflix series 2020

The first season of this nine-part family-run series lovingly portrays the growing up and incredible rise to fame of Mexican-American superstar Selena Quintanilla. Focusing on Selena’s journey to sky-high success, the series recreates her early years with the family group Selena Y Los Dinos and her fervent desire to perform English pop music. Indeed, Selena is an impressive series in which Suzette Quintanilla, producer and the older sister of the singer, put her heart and soul into it. Online sportsbooks in the USA also put these series on TOP lists to Bet on Netflix Series.

Big Mouth for cartoon lovers

In Season 4, Big Mouth is obscene, harsh, and ingeniously rude as ever. However, when the friendship of the lovable Bridgeton High School students is threatened by devastating bickering, the series reaches new emotional heights. During this great gut-wrenching season, the heroes converge again. Bypassing tests for their racial, gender, and sexual identity, they become smarter and kinder. However, fear not Big Mouth is completely soft: there is a lengthy scene this season in which one of the characters gives birth to poop the size of a baby. Ah, Big Mouth, never change. Bet on the best Netflix series 2020 in the Bet Online Sportsbook and make real money in no time.

Bet on the best Netflix series 2020
Let’s bet on movies!

The Crown: Bet on the best Netflix series 2020

In season four, the Crown creator Peter Morgan took the historic Netflix juggernaut to the moment viewers have been waiting for. Indeed, we are talking about the unhappy marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The Crown, which mercilessly pulls out into the light of day adultery, cruelty, and emotional hunger that separated this unsuitable couple, will not disappoint you. At the same time, the series captures the kingdom’s fortunes, recreating the growing tension between the Queen and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose reforms are destroying Britain’s social security system. Moreover, you will have a painful demonstration of the stifling atmosphere in the royal family, so do not expect a smile from anyone. Besides, The Crown Next Season Predictions Are Out in online sportsbooks in the USA. Check them out!

The Queen’s Gambit will make you fall in love with chess!

It’s been a long time since we were so fond of chess, but the Netflix adaptation of Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel grabbed everyone’s attention. Indeed, the miniseries traces the incredible journey of orphan Beth Harmon to becoming the best chess player in the world. This addictive TV series is set over fourteen years and (anticipating your question) is not based on real history. However, this only says how good the series is. After all, the reality is rarely at the heart of such a beautiful story. Before making your bet on the best Netflix series 2020 in the Bet Online Sportsbook, read our article Chess And Gambling: Make Money Out Of Your Hobby.

The Haunting of Bly Manor: Bet on the best Netflix series 2020

The second part of the Ghosts anthology debuted on Netflix late last year, just in time for Halloween. Unfortunately, there are fewer sudden scarecrows here. Indeed, in the new season, stunning with talented acting, they pay more attention to the plot dedicated to the misadventures of the heroes at the Bly estate. Therefore, in front of us is a chilling psychological story about a girl hired as a governess, whose life turns into a nightmare. Why? Too many ghosts are surrounding her.

Love On The Spectrum

The series, which premiered in Australia in 2019, follows young Australians with autism spectrum disorders discovering and seeking love. Throughout five episodes, the show introduces us to its charming characters. Among them, there are two happy couples and several singles in search of their destiny. Finally, there is a romantic show reminiscent of real dates: awkward evenings of quick acquaintances, awkward process of splitting the bill, strained nerves, genuine disappointments, and long, difficult pauses between topics of conversation. Moreover, Love On The Spectrum pays tribute to both intense first dates and successful long-term relationships beautifully and authentically. Laughter and tears are guaranteed! Thus, do not forget to bet on the best Netflix series 2020!

Bet on the best Netflix series 2020
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The Umbrella Academy: Bet on the best Netflix series 2020

Maybe Netflix’s partnership with Marvel is a thing of the past. However, that hasn’t stopped the platform from creating great superhero content on its own. Based on the comics of Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, this series follows a team of superheroes of seven emotionally immature half-siblings. And while the show relies on genre clichés, the Hargreaves kids live in a world full of adorable, whimsical details like a chimpanzee butler and a time lord in the body of a goldfish. Boasting sophisticated characters and a killer soundtrack, The Umbrella Academy is a fresh take on a familiar superhero story. The Bet Online Sportsbook would recommend betting on this series!

The Baby-Sitters Club welcomes you!

This adaptation of Anne M. Martin’s iconic teen novels follows a group of beloved girlfriends and their childcare business in the scenic town of Stony Brook, Connecticut. Girls are immersed in the modern world of smartphones and social networks. A brilliant, modernized adaptation of the original puts them in a hot spot. However, it is not just for fun: each adventure adds depth to Martin’s characters. Nevertheless, even more than the actualized bells and whistles, the Baby-Sitters Club attracts a look at the world – a warm look, full of participation and optimism. In an era of widespread moral decay and intolerance, this ten-episode journey to Stony Brook is veritable manna from heaven.

Dead to Me: Bet on the best Netflix series 2020

The second season of Dead to Me does not slow down at all. However, the roles have changed slightly: the series explores even deeper the unhealthy psyche of Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), not forgetting to spice up the drama with a drop of humor. This five-hour series is a comedy about girlfriends and a crime drama in one bottle. Looking for a show to swallow in one sitting? This year you will not find anything better than Dead to Me. We do not want to make any spoilers, but most of all the season pleased the fact that James Marsden, oddly enough, is still one of the main characters. And while the show is rooted in Applegate and Cardellini’s performance, it certainly deserves a 10/10 score thanks to the intimidatingly provincial supporting characters. Online sportsbooks in the USA also offer their bets on Dead To Me.

Love Is Blind, isn’t it?

The romantic reality show Love Is Blind is controversial. Indeed, you may want to gouge out your eyes while watching, but it won’t be easy to pull away. The show lodges its participants on a set designed specifically for blind dates. Indeed, men and women live in separate rooms and go on dates in small booths, where they are separated by a glass wall and they can only hear each other. After ten days, the participants must either play an engagement with a person whom they have not seen or go home. Like any romantic show worthwhile, it is a whirlwind of drama, tension, and madness. Spoiler alert! This way of building love rarely leads to happy endings. However, it is certainly fascinating to follow the relationship between the characters. Bet on the best Netflix series 2020 and Love Is Blind in the Bet Online Sportsbook. Good luck!

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