Bet on the Most Beautiful Christmas Tree in Europe

  • Christmas trees have been installed in all major European cities.
  • European Best Destinations presents its selection of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe.
  • Meanwhile, we offer you to bet on the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe and choose your favorites.
bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe

Christmas trees have been installed in major European cities. They symbolize all winter holidays with their magic atmosphere. Everyone is proud of their tree – young or old. European Best Destinations presents its selection of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe. Meanwhile, we offer you to bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe and choose your favorites. You may not agree with the experts who have opted for a high-tech installation from Vilnius. Therefore, you have a chance to make your own choice!

The capitals of large European cities have already dressed up for the New Year and the largest streets and squares of Rome, France, the Czech Republic, and other countries shone with colorful lights. Besides, the administrations of European capitals have spared no money to create a festive atmosphere and support their citizens. In early December, experts from the European Best Destinations organization made a rating of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe. According to them, a magical installation from Vilnius took first place on their list. Meanwhile, the second place went to Strasbourg, and Prague closed the top three. Online sportsbooks in Lithuania also offer their special winter bets. Check them out!

Bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe: Lithuanian miracle

An unusual Christmas tree was installed in Vilnius, Lithuania. According to the European Best Destinations travel organization, it became the best in Europe. Interestingly, we can hardly call this tree a traditional tree. In reality, it has live Christmas tree branches, but mostly it consists of metal blocks decorated with LED bulbs and mirrors. A real Christmas high-tech! The height of the tree is 24 meters, and it is designed so that you can go inside. They say that there, inside the installation, ordinary branches with cones are better visible and one can feel a coniferous smell. And although there are no toys on the tree, it still looks beautiful: the bulbs flicker, shimmer, and can change color.

The Christmas tree was specially made so that it could be admired from afar. This allows people to feel the approach of the holiday, enjoy the view, and at the same time not violate the social rules. Indeed, the lights of the installation tree burn so brightly that there is no need to crowd around it in a big pile to see everything. Instead of inviting people to a magical Christmas town like last year, this year they designed it for people to enjoy safely from a distance. While the outside is modern, the inside of the installation shows a traditional tree, convincing everyone that, despite the changes in our lifestyle, the Christmas spirit remains the same as always.

bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe
Which one is your favorite?

More about the installation

Visually, the Christmas tree looks like a surreal picture. Indeed, a modern composition with a height of 24 meters is surrounded by 6,000 living and fragrant branches, decorated with almost 4 km of changing color Christmas lights, 800 silver decorations, and 150 sq. m. shining mirrors. The modern installation is twofold: the spatial arrangement of the metal structures creates several mirrored areas, while the interior looks cozy, homely, and intimate with a living tree decorated with pine cones and lanterns. You can surely choose it to bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe. Visit the 1xBet Sportsbook to check Top 5 Favorites at Christmas TV Program Betting Odds.

Bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe: Strasbourg beauty

The setting up of the Christmas tree in Strasbourg is one of the most important events of the year. And it is not surprising! Indeed, every year this tree becomes one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe. In parallel with the installation of the main New Year’s symbol, the Christmas market begins its work. It is a place where, for sure, at least once in your life you need to taste delicious pastries and local mulled wine. Those who do not like high-tech from Lithuania will appreciate the festive tree in Strasbourg.

The experts who make up Europe’s best Christmas trees list ranked it second. Perhaps for the reason that Strasbourg is considered the unofficial Christmas capital of Europe. However, most likely, they had a desire to please lovers of time-tested solutions. Classic spruce decorated with pink balls and gold stars is exactly the option that everyone always likes and does not raise any questions. Online sportsbooks in Lithuania agreed on that as well.

Czech Christmas tree

The Christmas tree, which they installed in Prague, is very similar to the version from Strasbourg. However, for some reason it did not reach the second line of the top, being only in third place. Although it would seem, there are bigger stars and brighter lights… In any case, the Christmas tree in Prague looks truly magical. If you bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe, do not forget about Czechs.

The Prague holiday atmosphere enchants with its winter beauty! Looking at the Czech tree, you immediately find yourself in a fairy tale! Tall and curvy, it is adorned with interesting balls, and its radiance is visible from afar. Under such a tree you would like to make your New Year’s wish. It would come true for sure!

Bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe: Ukrainian beauty

A Christmas tree structure weighing 97 tons and a height of 31 meters are being installed on Sofiyskaya Square in Kyiv! This year, at the request of residents, the spruce branches will be artificial. However, this does not diminish its rights to the title of one of the most beautiful in Europe. Online sportsbooks in Lithuania agree on it! Originally, they wanted to decorate the main New Year’s beauty of Ukraine with a 58-kilogram witch’s hat. However, the townspeople didn’t support the idea of ​​such decor. Therefore, they replaced the hat with a star.

However, this did not spoil the general fabulous style. Interestingly, not balls are hanging on the tree, but animals, mushrooms, gnomes, and figurines of fabulous creatures. Above the main New Year’s beauty in Kyiv, there is a luminous dome of garlands, which creates a starry sky, and the branches are full of one and a half thousand pieces of toys. Besides, they cast some of them, especially for decoration. To feel the incredible winter atmosphere you can Bet On The Best Christmas Movie Ever in the 1xBet Sportsbook!

bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe
Let’s bet on trees!

Italian Christmas tree

The Christmas tree in the capital of Italy differs from other European beauties, at least in that it offers a panoramic view of the Colosseum. They decorated fluffy spruce with small toys and lights in the best traditions of Catholic Christmas. Separately, we should mention that they installed one more tree on December 11 in Vatican City. Its peculiarity is in jewelry. Indeed, all toys and decorations are handmade from wood by homeless people, children, and volunteers. Making you bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe, do not forget about this beauty!

Bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe: The star of Budapest

Budapest is the most beautiful city in Europe on New Year’s Eve. Every year the city invests a considerable amount of funds for its festive decoration, thanks to which it becomes truly magical. They decorated huge spruce exclusively with garlands of small lights, which creates a unique fabulous atmosphere and looks delightful. Looking at such a Christmas tree, one involuntarily creeps in the idea that minimalism in decoration does not always look meager and uninteresting.

A similar New Year’s attraction is located in Innsbruck, the capital of Austria. They decorated the tree with a yellow garland, which at night resembles golden tints. It is located in the middle of the most romantic Christmas market in Europe on the main square of the city. Online sportsbooks in Lithuania didn’t forget about these beauties!

Georgian symbol of Christmas

The capital of Georgia is gradually becoming a rather popular place to visit in winter. Tbilisi is a great option for the New Year. Indeed, its fabulously decorated streets with millions of lights will enchant you and wrap you in a festive atmosphere. The main tree of Tbilisi is also not inferior to its competitors. It is tall, lush, and always decorated with interesting Christmas compositions that are truly breathtaking. And if there is no opportunity, read our article Why Bet On Christmas and visit 1xBet Sportsbook to have a real festive mood!

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Bet on the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe: German beauty

Frankfurt’s traditional Christmas tree is located in its historic center at Römerberg Square. Of course, here it loses a little to other fun. Indeed, it was in Germany that the tradition of holding festive fairs was born. The city of Frankfurt has found its tree for this year. It has come from Bad Orb in Spessart and has the name “Peter von Orb”. The spruce from the reserve in Bad Orbe is 32 meters tall, straight, and has thick needles to the top. For transportation to Frankfurt, the tree was optimal. The low loader and the crane easily arrived on site.

On October 31st, the tree was erected on the Römerberg using a three-meter mount. This year the city wanted to decorate the fir tree in a special way: 800 bows and a garland almost 4.5 kilometers long. For the first time in five years, the tree has a name again. “Peter von Orb”. He was a robber revered as “Robin Hood of Spessart” who took an active part in the Thirty Years’ War. And if you cannot see every Christmas tree yourself but you are still up for a festive mood, visit the 1xBet Sportsbook. We wish you good luck in 2021!

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