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Bet on Upcoming Apple Release

If you are searching the online sportsbook sites in the US about the keyword ‘Apple’ you might run into some custom wagers about the next Apple Event. Many people want to bet on the upcoming apple release. No wonder why, because Apple is considered to be one of the leading brands in technology. With their clean and acute design, while they have many things to be criticized for, they are still the company that introduced technological advancements to our world. You can already use Apple Pay to pay on online casinos and sportsbook websites. There is no question that Apple will bring the most advanced technology to innovate our world.

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Apple As a Company

Apple is releasing several new features. According to, their latest releases are going to include the iPhone 13 pro. IOS 15, Apple TV 4K, Apple M1 chip. If we are studying the pattern of these releases, we can predict the way their release is working. On their website, you will not find new things such as an AR/VR headset in small categories. They are going to introduce such features with professional advertisement plans. With likely designing their video and website for it. If you are a code junkie, you might be able to utilize google dorks to find some hidden information to endorse your bets. However, we are not recommending such activities, as it is considered to be highly unethical, yet not illegal.

Bet On Upcoming Apple Release – The Odds

The long-awaited Apple release of augmented reality or virtual reality headsets is the most recent debate on Bovada Sportsbook. According to Laptopmag, the device they are designing is going to become a standalone brand. This means it is not going to be connected to the Apple brand. The same way Coca-Cola is having Fanta as a standalone brand.

Bet on Upcoming Apple Release
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This brings up the question, however, will bookies consider this as an Apple release? We must be careful because even though Apple might release it, as a stand-alone company, it might not be considered as a proper apple product by the bookies. Always lookout for the finer details of these bets.

Will Apple release an augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) headset in 2022?
Yes -300
No +200

Apple also supports gambling. According to Igamingbusiness, Apple announced that they are supporting online gambling applications in their app store. With this piece of information, we could only assume that we will see more Apple betting coming up in the upcoming years. They might also begin to sponsor betting events and sportsbook events. They are already a supporters of large sport tournaments, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they were assissting the safety of betting technology.

How to Predict What’s Coming This Year

According to Tom’s Guide, one of the most trustworthy tech websites on the internet, rumors are going around that the first generation of Apple’s headset will indeed see the world in 2022. There are other rumors about further tech technology releases, such as artificial rings that can assist your virtual tool usage. They are going to track your movement, helping you convert the curvature of your finger movement, into augmented and virtual reality.

Bet on Upcoming Apple Release
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If you bet on the upcoming Apple release, you should be aware of the best betting strategies. If they indeed announce their VR headset, then you should quickly lookout for all available Apple bets on upcoming VR/Ar products, because the company is not going to miss a chance to make a new device.

Make a Custom Bet On Upcoming Apple Release

If you are a fan of Apple products, and you think that the bookies are missing out on some huge wager possibilities. You should use Bovada’s Twitter to recommend a custom wager. If you wish to place bets on which chip the new Apple laptop is going to work with. Or what VR accessories could Apple release this year, then all you have to do is to tweet your recommendation using the hashtag #WhatsYaWager. You could also suggest custom bets just about anything. Upcoming Google products, or any esport world championships.

Explaining Apple as a Betting Item

If you are interested in the upcoming apple product predictions, we collected a list for you to read through. Before betting on an upcoming Apple release, first, you have to understand that Apple in itself is a company. It has shares and the value of the shares is creating productivity. As of today, the shares of Apple have been falling, which means many investors are seeking to buy Apple products.

Bet on Upcoming Apple Release
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This means that the value will increase soon, and investors will support the production of Apple items. There are many online websites up to date with Apple releases and contracts. Apple didn’t take part in the video game industry. So they might be interested in innovating the gambling industry, who knows?

Bet on Upcoming Apple Release

If you wish to bet on your favorite brand or product. All you have to do is to visit Bovada Sportsbook. They offer welcome bonuses and they are just celebrating their 10th anniversary. It is the best time to become a Bovada user. And if you are a fan of technology, check out our other articles about technology and gambling. You can place bets on nearly anything, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to bet on something you understand. As long as you are always responsible and gambling aware. We wish you good luck on the bet you make.

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