A Bet on Rationing After Brexit Could be a Useful Hedge

  • Michael Gove Blames Europe For Brexit Debacle
  • Bet On Rationing After Brexit On Sites Like Bet365
  • Johnson Administration Squarely Aiming At No Deal
Bet On Rationing After Brexit
Image source: Mайкл Гиммельфарб (Mike Gimelfarb) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Brexit, the albatross hung about the neck of Britain, now threatens to sink it like a stone as Europe closes ranks and refuses to budge and the Conservative government plays chicken with the economic well-being of the nation. Bookies like Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK which hosts a wealth of other wagers, are now cottoning on and offering up 12/1 to anyone who wants to bet on rationing after Brexit, which could be a nice lay-off wager. 

We need a new approach,” Said Michael Gove, Minister for No Deal Preparations, “we stand ready to engage with the European Union.” Which is possibly true, but only because they know it’ll never happen. Europe doesn’t want to make this easy on the UK, they’ve no interest in a renegotiation. Perhaps if the British public understood far more of them would be putting a bet on rationing after Brexit. At 12/1 you’d stand to make enough to buy on the black market instead.

Rationed First In 2019 odds at bet365

  • Beef – 20/1
  • Butter – 20/1
  • Coffee – 20/1
  • Cheese – 18/1
  • Bread – 16/1
  • Olive Oil – 16/1
  • Milk – 11/1
  • Fuel – 4/1

That there is even a sliver of danger that Britain will return to the days of spivs and ration books is a lamentable reflection of just how badly this situation has got out of hand. Fuel is 4/1 to be rationed first. Mid way through October when the awful truth sinks in and people start to panic about it all that bet on sports in the UK won’t be nearly as profitable as the bet on rationing after Brexit which, fortunately enough, will pay up should it occur at any time over the course of 2019. 

Fuel 4/1 to be Rationed First in 2019

Michael Gove insisted Britain wants to “negotiate in good faith to make sure that we can have a friendly relationship in the future,” and that they will “put all our energy into making sure that we can secure that good deal, but at the moment it is the EU that seems to be saying they’re not interested.” Of course he doesn’t mention it’s the UK Parliament that blocked the deal not Europe, and him not telling you things is why you should probably bet on rationing after Brexit. 

Bet On Rationing After Brexit
What will be the first rationed commodity to queue for? (Image source: Anders Sandberg-Flickr)

With all the warmth and concern for the most vulnerable as a werewolf in a school playground the Conservative government seems to believe standing firm will cause the EU to back down and agree to any deal it serves up. When the bookies are offering those willing to take advantage of UK gambling laws 11/1 on Milk being first on the list, it’s time to bet on rationing after Brexit because bookies like Bet365 make their money off being right, not wrong.

Bet On Rationing After Brexit On Sites Like Bet365

If you’re still not convinced things are about to get rough just take a look at the 3/1 sites like Bet365 are offering on the Pound diving to parity with the Euro sometime before new year. That’s truly alarming. Add the obvious delays in supply that the border issues will create to this sudden fluctuation of the value of the currency with Britain’s biggest trading partners and bingo, you’ve everything you need to very sensibly place a cautious safety bet on rationing after Brexit. 

Brexit Date odds at bet365

  • Jan – Jun 2021 – 25/1
  • July – Dec 2021 – 25/1
  • July – Dec 2020 – 16/1
  • Jan – Jun 2020 – 4/1
  • Not Before 2022 – 7/2
  • Not Before 2020 – 1/1

With Boris Johnson now at the helm of the British ship of state there’s ever growing evidence that Brexit will not be a smooth ride into the sunny uplands of independence from European despotism and bureaucracy but an horrific slide into self inflicted recession and economic disaster. Indeed if you’re not already rich, the only way you’ll profit from that is by putting a bet on rationing after Brexit at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK these days.

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