F1 Odds on Max Verstappen Shorten up over the Silly Summer

Posted: August 7, 2019

Updated: August 7, 2019

  • Lewis Hamilton Dominates 2019 But Max Is Stalking Closer
  • 2019 WDC F1 Odds On Max Verstappen Just 14/1 At Unibet
  • Ferrari Left All At Sea With Red Bull Catching Them Faster

Max may have been disappointed with his second place in the Hungarian Grand Prix but can go into what passes for a summer break in the knowledge that he’s putting himself right where he wants to be as silly season gets underway in Formula 1. The bookies like Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Belgium at present, now give F1 odds on Max Verstappen of just 14/1 to win the WDC, which is massively complimentary for him given just how unlikely that actually is.

Having been roundly and soundly criticized over the years for becoming stale and dull Formula One has, over the last few rounds, proved it’s anything but. The opening heavens in Germany showcased the skill and determination of the drivers as they struggled with the conditions, and at the Hungarian Grand Prix it was the strategy of the teams that came to the fore. The F1 odds on Max Verstappen actually tightening up following his disappointing second place to Mercedes.

Belgian Grand Prix Odds at Unibet

  • Anyone Else – 1000/1
  • Pierre Gasly – 100/1
  • Max Verstappen – 7/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 6/1
  • Charles Leclerc – 13/5
  • Sebastian Vettel – 13/5
  • Lewis Hamilton – 7/4

Lewis Hamilton might have seen it all go wrong at Hockenheim, but Toto Wolff and crew were bang on the money at the Hungaroring putting Lewis on fresher tires right behind the leader with but very few laps remaining. It was masterful. Mercedes really are the best overall package, and if you’re taking advantage of Belgian gambling laws to perhaps back those ridiculous F1 odds on Max Verstappen do understand, Spa will be much the same sort of strategic race as Hungary.


Red Bull Catching Ferrari In Constructors Championship

Spa is as near to a home Grand Prix as Max gets until next season when Zandvoort returns to the F1 calendar, and just like Zandvoort if the track has an issue, it is its age.  Sure, it’s the cathedral of speed, an historic gem that should be treasured forever, a cornerstone of international motorsport, but none of that makes it any easier to overtake around the circuit, and the F1 odds on Max Verstappen can be as low as a limbo bar and it’ll still be a miracle for him to win there.

F1 Odds On Max Verstappen
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is the home of the Belgian GP (Image source: Planet Labs, Inc. [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
Fortunately Red Bull are quite realistic about their chances and instead of challenging Mercedes seem intent on simply embarrassing Ferrari as much as possible. La Scudaria may have got a podium in Hungary but that was more to do with Valtteri Bottas needing a nose cone change than Sebastian Vettel driving well. Anyone who likes to bet on sports in Belgium thinking that at Spa the blood red cars will come good needs to check out the F1 odds on Max Verstappen to win.

F1 Odds On Max Verstappen At Spa Just 7/1 At Unibet

The F1 odds on Max Verstappen to win at Spa are just 7/1 which doesn’t put him even close to the favorite, Lewis Hamilton on 7/4, however with the weather possibly handing us another damp race on the day itself anything could happen, and in front of all those orange-clad fans I’d not want to wager against Max. Sure, Bottas gets 6/1 and the Ferraris 13/5 apiece, but so close to home the Dutchman has to have the edge, if the rumor mill doesn’t get into his head too much.

2019 F1 WDC Odds at Unibet

  • Anyone Else – 4000/1+
  • Charles Leclerc – 200/1
  • Sebastian Vettel – 150/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 50/1
  • Max Verstappen – 14/1
  • Lewis Hamilton – 1/25

Those hitting up Unibet, one of the best online sportsbooks sites in Belgium at present, to bet on the Belgian Grand Prix then have a choice, between the obvious dominance of Mercedes as a racing team and the individualistic talent that is Max. Anywhere else I’d forgo those F1 odds on Max Verstappen and plump for Hamilton (or perhaps even Bottas) but at Spa just after the silly season? I think this just might be the moment when Max seals his future, possibly at Mercedes.

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