Bets That Changed Lives: Wake Up As A Millionaire Tomorrow

  • Michael Carrol: from a binman to a millionaire and vice versa
  • Karl Crompton knows how to have fun but also how to increase your win twice
  • David Ashcroft is the most modest millionaire in the world
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Every person has a desire to win a large amount of money while gambling. And usually, we want to spend those millions of dollars on fulfilling our dreams. Most people are convinced that unimaginable wealth will not influence them too much. However, in most cases, it is not true. We would like to tell you about several bets that changed the lives of ordinary people. 

Imagine that one day you wake up as a millionaire. What will be the first thing you do? Buy an expensive yacht? Travel around the world? If you don’t have any idea, you can read about people who experienced it. And afterward, we highly recommend you to visit online gambling sites in the UK. Who knows, maybe tomorrow we will add your story to our article. 

“King of Chavs” and his £10,000,000

Michael Carroll from Scotland was 19 years old when he won the huge sum of money – £ 10,000,000. Before winning, he worked as a binman. However, his youth and the recognition that he was now filthy rich played tricks on Carroll. For the money he got, Mickey bought a mansion for £ 700,000. However, useful purchases ended on this. The rest of the money he wasted on expensive clothes, jewelry, partying, and girls. 

To understand the scale of the usefulness of his spendings, it is enough to find out that one time he bought the giant catapult with steel balls. Moreover, playing with it outside of the mansion he damaged 32 cars in the neighborhood. Of course, they made him pay for his entertainment. Journalists of the UK called Mickey the “King of Chavs”. Obviously, after several years of such a life, all the money ended. It even got to the point that Mickey got into huge debts. 

Moreover, bought for a large amount of money, the mansion was turned into a filled trash can. The condition of the house was so terrible that he sold it only for 1/7 of its original price. Carroll won money in 2002, and he paid all his debts only by 2010. Meanwhile, he managed to change a few jobs. First, Mickey returned to work as a binman. Later, he worked as a repairman. However, Mickey says that he does not regret the decisions he made. Carroll’s story is a cautionary tale for everyone. Big money is also a big responsibility. So do not lose your mind while winning on the Bet365 online gambling site

£11,000,000 for “Rollover Romeo” 

And one more story about bets that changed lives comes from the UK. Karl Crompton had his lucky day in 1996. After winning £11,000,000, paparazzi just fell in love with this man. Thus, the photographers started constantly following him. They could easily explain the secret of Karl’s popularity among journalists. He was a very handsome guy and after receiving the money he got access to a luxurious way of life. Therefore, he became a real star. Crompton regularly bought expensive cars and motorcycles, clothes and jewelry. Of course, he threw amazing parties and attended popular casinos. 

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Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire?

Karl could repeat the fate of the hero of the previous story. However, Crompton managed to stop all this wasting of money. Instead, he made good investments and, as a result, managed to increase his initial win twice. Later, Karl became a real family man. He married his former classmate, had kids and said that now he was truly happy. This is a good example of how you can spend the money after making your life-changing bet on Bet365. Don’t lose your chance to wake up tomorrow as a millionaire! 

Bets that changed lives: “Secret millionaire” with £12,000,000 on his bank account

David Ashcroft was 30 years old when he made his lucky bet. He won £12,000,000 gambling. A modest furniture maker had never dreamt about something like this. However, David hasn’t spent his money in the way previous guys did. Moreover, the man did not give up his work and did not begin to buy real estate. Ashcroft wasn’t tempted by a luxurious lifestyle. In his interview, David said that he had never traveled away from the UK and never been in a relationship.

What is more, Ashcroft spent almost nothing from the money he won. He bought himself a little truck for work, a Mitsubishi sedan for himself and a trailer for his parents. Also, he made some redecorations at his house. The only huge expense he made was a Ferrari. However, David bought this car because some of his relatives asked for it. Such behavior intrigues the journalists, so they constantly follow him. But the only news they get is the replacement of the windows in David’s old house. 

David is a real eligible bachelor. And also a very wise and kind guy. The excitement from getting a big sum of money didn’t make him a different person. And if you want to find out more about bets that changed lives, read our The Biggest Bets That Paid Off article. Moreover, the Bet365 gambling site gives you a lot of opportunities today to become filthy rich tomorrow. Make your winning bet and let your dreams come true! 

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