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Posted: December 6, 2019

Updated: January 3, 2020

  • Bass fishing is the forth most popular sport
  • Huge prize money for the winners
  • Dedicated television coverage

Have you ever thought about betting on Bass fishing? Fishing for both food and as a past time is as old as time itself. But sports fishing for Bass is a relatively new player having begun in with the Bass Master Classic in 1967. Today around 40 million people take part in sports fishing throughout the US and Canada. Angling is the forth most popular sport. And the most popular fish in competition is the Wide-Mouthed Bass. So it’s not surprising that betting on Bass is now a huge part of the gambling industry.

Introduction: Betting on Bass Fishing

Sports fishing for Bass is so popular in the US that you can even find fishing only channels on the TV. The Canadians, not to be outdone, have the World Fishing Network in 2005. There are many online gambling sites, like GTbets, which cover sports fishing. (In fact many elderly Chinese are hooked with an online game called, Fish Hunter). In Illinois it’s even recognized as a sanctioned high school sport. With it’s first year of competition it drew more than 800 competitors who were representing 217 high schools.

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My name is Moby…Moby Dick!

The Fish

Adult Large Mouth Bass tend to be solitary fish. They hide in the shadows under submerged tree roots, or between rocks and weeds. From here they can strike out to catch their prey. Bass are mainly live in stiller waters, like lakes and larger rivers. If you catch a 5 pound fish you’re doing well, as that’s considered to be large. The world record stands at 22 pounds and 4 ounces. Think you can beat that? Then have a wager at GTbets. As for food, they like small fish, crayfish, frogs and insects. Some times the larger fish will take small aquatic birds or their chicks.

The Bass Master Classic

The world’s largest fishing tournament is the Bass Master Classic. It’s a three day event and there are weigh-ins and across the board television coverage with ESPN. According to online sports book news in the US, the total prize pot is $1 million with $300,000 going to the winner. Another famous competition is Fish ‘O’ Mania where the winner can net $50,000. As you can see, it’s a big money sport. In Atlantic City, a famous casino hub, in order to attract more customers, they have opened one of the world’s largest Bass Pro Shops. Punters and fish go hand in fin! In parts of Europe they also take bets on fish. Since 1971, the Bassmaster Classic was held at Lake Mead in Nevada. But the calendar date was moved in 2006. The competition now takes place in February and is now a three day event.

More Bait

It’s broadcast on television and you can watch the weigh-ins and see the catches from the comfort of your sofa. Each year, 55 anglers compete and these are from the top 40 anglers that season, plus 15 regional qualifiers. From 2007, women could compete separately for the first time. (So as not to outshine the men, they have their own separate competitions). All caught fish need to measure a minimum of 14 inches and must be alive at the time of the weigh-in. They are put back into the lake at the end of the day. Based on the total weight of each catch, only 25 anglers go through on the third day. The angler with the largest gross total weight of fish over the three days is the winner.

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 Betting on Bass Fishing: Everyone’s a winner, baby!

Study. Then Study Some More

It’s not hard to imagine that a sport like competition fishing is going to attract a lot of betting possibilities. If you’re stuck at home their are fishing betting apps. If you have an interest in betting on Bass, then there are some important facts you need to know before starting. Firsts off, study everything related to bass fishing. Look through magazines, watch TV, surf online fishing forums and websites. You need a deep understanding of not only the fish, but also the competitors, locations and weather patterns. Betting on Bass fishing shouldn’t be a game of guesswork. Take a look at this list of online sports books in the US. The more complete your knowledge base, the better will be your odds.

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