Betting on the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow: the Definitive Guide

The Commonwealth Games are one of the world’s greatest events, allowing you to bet on 17 distinct sports. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

The Commonwealth Games are the world’s second-biggest sporting event after the Summer Olympics. And by “biggest” I don’t mean volume of viewers or total amount wagered on the games. That would put it behind the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, another quadrennial sporting extravaganza.

The 2010 games in New Delhi brought together 6,700 athletes from 71 countries, including the 53 members of the Commonwealth (formerly called the British Commonwealth, a voluntary grouping of former colonies) and 18 other nations. These athletes participated in sports not seen at most sporting events, including squash, shooting and lawn bowls in addition to classics like swimming, sprinting and rugby.

And that’s what make the games perfect for betting on sports. Most of us use our monthly betting budget on the English Premier League, National Basketball Association or Indian cricket. We don’t step outside of the box very often, even though online sportsbooks in the UK and Canada such as Bet365, BetVictor, Paddy Power and Bodog take wagers on just about everything under the sun.

But betting on the Commonwealth Games pushes us out of comfort zones and get us placing wagers on which Scotsman will win the gold medal in lawn bowls, or whether Australia will in fact defeat New Zealand in netball. What’s netball? A variation of basketball common in many commonwealth countries.

The history of the Commonwealth Games in 222 words

The inaugural British Empire Games were played in Hamilton, Canada in 1930. They were attended by only eleven members of the Empire competing in only six sports. Needless to say, women did not compete.

The games were cancelled in both 1942 and 1946 due to the Second World War. The 1954 meeting in Vancouver was renamed the “British Empire and Commonwealth Games” to reflect the decline of the empire and growing importance of the voluntary Commonwealth. 24 nations participated, making it the largest games to date.

• The games have been held every four years since 1930, with the exception of the war years of 1942 and 1946
• Australia has led in medals 11 times, more than any other country
• You can bet on the games at sportsbooks like Bet35, BetVictor and Paddy Power

The games continued to grow in popularity, with 1,050 athletes competing in the 1966 games in Kingston, Jamaica. In 1970 the word “Empire” was formally dropped from the title, and in 1978 the word “British” was dropped as well. Since then it has been formally called the “Commonwealth Games.”

The games have gradually included more sports, although some were later dropped. Women started competing in some events as early as 1934.

No country besides England, Canada and Australia has ever finished a meeting as medals leader. Australia has won the most with 11, and won their first in 1938 when the games were held in Sydney. England has won six times and Canada once.

Aside from those three countries, some of the most successful historically have been New Zealand, South Africa, Jamaica and Kenya.


The members of the Commonwealth are all set to meet in Glasgow during the next round of competition. In celebration of this quirky and historic but still relevant sporting event we’ve put together a whole series of articles; including some cultural analysis of the games themselves as well as some information on how to bet on them. By the end of the series you’ll know more about the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow than you ever thought possible.

Millions of the Reasons Why the Commonwealth Games still Matter

In 1970 the name of the event was changed from the “Empire Games” to the “British Commonwealth Games.” Since then, the Commonwealth itself has faded in relevance for many people. Does the Commonwealth still matter? By extension, do the games still matter? Hundreds of millions of sports fans and bettors worldwide say that it does.

How to Bet on the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

Now that you understand the significance of the games, you’re probably interested in betting on them. You need to know if you can legally bet from your location, and when you need to bet the money line or odds, and when you can place a prop or live bet. This primer will fill you in on everything you need to know.

5 Best Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are big business, and bookies worldwide are leaping in to cash in on. Just about every site is taking wagers, but not all are created equal. We’ll save you the time and effort of searching for quality sites.

Just to name a few, online sportsbooks in the UK like Bet365, BetVictor and Paddy Power as well as Canadian Bodog have rolled out the red carpet in a big way.

5 Best Sportsbook Bonuses for Betting on the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The unique thing about the Commonwealth Games is that they give you the opportunity to bet on sports you know nothing about. While that’s exhilarating, it’s also understandable that you may not want to risk your entire bankroll on a lawn bowler whose name you can’t pronounce.  

That’s where Commonwealth Games sportsbook bonuses come in. These top bookmakers will put up part of your wager, minimizing your risk and allowing you to bet without fear of losing large amounts of money!

Who Smart Punters are Betting on in the Commonwealth Games

Bookmakers spent hours upon hours putting together thorough odds and money one each event in every sport. While they certainly know what they’re doing, successful punters are able to think for themselves and know when to go against the grain.

This piece does two things. Firstly, it runs through the odds on some of the main spectator sports; rugby, athletics, swimming and triathlon. After seeing what oddsmakers think, we’ll fill you in some hot tips which could help you boost your bankroll this time around.

5 Best Events for Betting on the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth games feature 17 different sports, including individual and team activities. While the hardcore fans take an interest in all of them, the reality is that some make for better betting than others. We’ll introduce you to five of the best events in the entire games, covering everything from teams and players to watch to the sportsbook odds on who is expected to win in each.

Can Australia Continue its Dominance in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow?

The rugged, sunburned Australians certainly seem to be the most athletic people in the Commonwealth of Nations, having finished as the medals leader in each of the past six Commonwealth games. But this time around England has put together an impressive group of athletes and will be competing close to their home turf in Glasgow.

The games look to be a two-way struggle between the old seat of the Empire and one of its most remote outposts. Be sure to tune in.

Top 7 Athletes to Bet on in the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Many of the 17 sports featured in the Commonwealth Games are individual events. Rather than watching two teams compete, you watch two of the world’s best athletes duke it out mono-a-mono. This makes betting even more fun.

Here are the most exciting athletes in the entire games which you should consider wagering your hard-earned cash on. You’ll have to click to read more about the athletes, but we can tell you that they play the following sports: sprinting, cycling, table tennis, distance running, squash and boxing.

Most Unforgettable Moments in Commonwealth Games History

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow represent the 20th meeting since the inaugural 1930 British Empire games in Hamilton, Canada. Over those 84 years fans have witnessed many unforgettable moments, including moments of great triumph and of tragedy; of human kindness and of cruelty.

Our team has dug the most memorable stories out of the history books. Even if the games don’t mean much to you, you’ll understand why they’ve meant a lot to millions of people over their history.

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