Betting On The Next President Of The USA Or Your Future?

Trump for president

An explanation of bowling figures to someone who has never seen Cricket would make more sense than watching the US presidential election. The battle between the now sickly Hillary Clinton and the always sick-in-the-head Donald Trump mean that what was once a novelty wager on US politics is no longer the harmless quirky piece of betting on the next President of the US of A, but a true gamble on the shape of the future for everyone on the planet.

Betting on the next President used to be a novelty wager. A piece of fun. Something silly to add to the bet on sports in the US you made at the start of the NFL season. Almost trivial. Oh sure it always mattered who won, but even after the partisan turn the country took in the Neo-Con Bush years, it was still a match up of an overly idealistic democrat against a pliable empty suit from the republican party, and pretty much always has been. Then Donald Trump showed up and it simply isn’t funny anymore.

US Presidential Election

  • Odds at Bet365
  • Hillary Clinton – 8/15
  • Donald Trump – 13/8

Logging on to Bet365 and betting on the next President shouldn’t involve a mental calculation concerning whether or not he might start an armed conflict because someone insulted him on Twitter, you shouldn’t have to worry how many of your Mexican friends and neighbors will get “sent home”, and nor should you worry that visitors of a different religion, in this case the Muslim faith, might be banned from entering the United States a nation built on immigrants (slavery and genocide) in the first place. Where’s the novelty wager in that? It’s too depressing.

Betting On The Next President Used To Be A Novelty Now Its A Nightmare

Hillary Clinton should be light years ahead of this fat bombastic fascist in the polls, but she isn’t, and indeed in some she’s actually losing. The sight of her being helped away from the 9/11 service at Ground Zero didn’t help, and the confused reports on what malady had beset her just doomed her health to become center stage leading up to the first debate. According to the rabid right now if we vote for Hillary are we betting on the next President of the United States dropping dead from Ebola or worse.

Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton is still the betting favorite heading into the election (photo:

This does not make for a trivial wager, this has become serious with the real danger of Donald Trump actually winning the US election and making betting on the next President of America a little too much like wagering on human suffering. The novelty wager fun has been sucked out by the harsh reality of the choice democracy has thrown up and who wants to take the time to skirt US gambling laws to bet on either of these two when there is a whole plethora of other novelty bets at Bet365 to choose from? The joy is gone.

Bet365 Gives Hillary The Edge – But For How Long?

With the spectre of a Brexit like upset looming and 2016 already having been quite the little parade of bad news perhaps a bet on Trump is the only way to be sure you come out a winner, albeit it one with precious little time to spend their winnings. Who was betting on the next President of the United States being elected in such a nail-bitingly close race? If it had been anyone else but Trump it would be all over bar the silly gaffes about homosexuals, ethnic minorities, and anyone stupid enough to be born poor, by now a la Romney.

Donald Trump flag

Trump is closing in on the elction according to many polls (photo:

Naturally if you’re going betting on the next President of the United States at Bet365 and its ilk, Hillary Clinton, a lawyer turned politician with a proven track record in government and diplomacy, currently garners just 8/15 to beat Donald Trump, a fat racist former bankrupt narcissist who knows nothing, a man still getting 13/8 to win. So she remains the favorite, but those odds are drifting and any more health scares and November will leave everyone in the US gambling news headlines come New Year aren’t of WWIII under Trump. US Politics used to be a novelty bet, now the joke’s worn pretty thin.

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