Can Brendon Hartley Beat The US Grand Prix Odds Against Him?

US grand prix odds

Lewis Hamilton may well have the F1 World Championship all wrapped up following his win in the Japanese Grand Prix that put him 59 points ahead with just four races left to go, but this IS Formula one. Anything could happen. The current US Grand Prix odds indicate that the race is still on, however unlikely it is that anyone but Lewis will take the title, and you can back Ferrari at BetVictor to make life as difficult as possible for Mercedes and push it all the way to the wire.


2017 US Grand Prix Odds

  • Daniel Ricciardo – 16/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 12/1
  • Max Verstappen – 12/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 11/2
  • Sebastian Vettel – 5/2
  • Lewis Hamilton – 4/5

Whilst the Singapore Grand Prix will be remembered for its instant drama that saw both Ferraris crash out, it’ll be Vettel’s retirement from the Japanese Grand Prix that will probably be seen as having sealed the deal on his championship hopes, Hamilton’s lead now just a little too large to recoup in the four remaining races, the Mercedes dominant in speed and reliability speeding the Brit to eight wins so far this season, twice the wins Vettel has achieved, and the US Grand Prix odds indicate he’s due another.


The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, hosts again this year and has proven remarkably effective at bringing success to one of the more historically tetchy races on the calendar, with good attendance each and every time and a track the drivers enjoy. If you like to bet on sports in the US and don’t often entertain motorsport among your wagers, perhaps this is the time to give it a go, and you don’t have to back just the favorites at BetVictor, because in F1 you’re never more than an error away from an upset.

Does Hamilton Have The Championship In the Bag Already?

A bet on Hamilton at Betvictor will get you just 4/5 US Grand Prix odds to play with and Vettel is a scarely better 5/2, and it says much about the suitability of the Mercedes to the track and likely conditions that Valtteri Bottas who hasn’t living up to expectations this season garners 11/2 in the other silver arrow. You can get 12/1 on Max Verstappen in the Red Bull and the same on Kimi Raikkonen in the other Ferrari, although neither one is likely to get to the top spot on the podium this time round.

US Grand Prix Odds

Daniel Riccardo, who has had more podium places this year than he could reasonably have expected back at the season’s start gets 16/1 to win, but just 6/4 to get a top three finish, precisely the same as Verstappen or Raikkonen. Of course whilst betting on the winner is instinctively the wager most make, if you’re going to skirt US gambling laws to bet on F1 for the first time and don’t like the look of the US Grand Prix odds why not let fate take a hand over big budgets and bet on who’ll be first to retire?

Find All The US Grand Prix Odds You Need At BetVictor

1st US Grand Prix Retirement

  • Brendon Hartley – 15/2
  • Carlos Sainz – 10/1
  • Fernando Alonso – 10/1
  • Stoffel Vandoorne – 12/1
  • Daniil Kvyat – 12/1
  • Marcus Ericsson – 12/1
  • Pascal Wehrlein – 12/1

Le Mans winner Brendon Hartley is the favorite to exit the race first according to BetVictor, he gets just 15/2 to fail to finish, and fail to finish first. Daniil Kvyat the Russian nicknamed “The Torpedo” is back at Toro Rosso for the race and US Grand Prix odds have him at 12/1 along with Stoffel Vandoorne to pull out first, barely behind the often over zealous Fernando Alonso and the really quite unlucky Carlos Sainz who both sit around the 10/1 mark to be first back to the pits on race day.


If you’re in the US gambling news headlines will scream and shout about the F1 results on Monday you’ll probably not have noticed that F1 has so far failed to find as much of a foothold in the US market as it has elsewhere, but with new American owners in charge you can expect that to change and change for the better as the years go on. With sites like BetVictor offering all the US Grand Prix odds you need and growing coverage in the media, this could well be the year F1 breaks through into a mass audience Stateside.

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