Has Britain’s Bet On Brexit Brought Forward A General Election?

The bizarre British bet on Brexit has led to the inevitable crisis as Remainers and Brexiteers battle it out over the details of this hugely complex procedure that was never destined to be pleasant. Nigel Farage might have made a mint, David Cameron might be enjoying Wimbledon, and England might be doing well in the World Cup, but the behind-the-scenes drama has now exploded over the front page and created some very interesting wagers at sites like Bet365 on just who'll survive this implosion.

Bet on Brexit
  • Can Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt fill the shoes of Davis and Johnson?
  • Has the British bet on Brexit turned out to be a political graveyard?
  • Why is a general election in 2018 getting only 13/8 at sites like Bet365?
  • Will Sajid Javid really be the next British PM or are those 4/1 odds optimistic?

When 51.9% of the British voters elected to bet on Brexit bringing Britain a brighter future they set in motion an inevitability of chaos that is only now coming to fruition as both David Davis (chief Brexit negotiator) and Boris Johnson (hapless British Foreign Secretary) resign from the Theresa May cabinet over the very soft bet on Brexit she decided to make at Chequers earlier in the week by enforcing the old principle of collective cabinet responsibility, a very British concept sadly now quite defunct.

Anyone in the UK gambling laws and legislation is all agreed to among the ruling parties should definitely be paying more attention. Collective responsibility means they all promise to back the party line in public and then leak to the press their true views, objections and comments behind their colleagues backs. The nation placing a future defining bet on Brexit created the perfect rift and these divisions now have sites like Bet365 giving “No Deal” by 1/4/2019 a shocking Evens chance.

Europeans Barely Conceal Their Glee At British Infighting

“[It] clearly proves that at Chequers there was unity in the British cabinet.” Scoffed EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker joining in the glee of  Donald Tusk, the European Council president, who reacted to the news of the resignations by wryly commenting that politicians “come and go”. May has now bet on Brexit being delivered by Dominic Raab with a scant 9 months to go, and he’ll have to work in concert with BBC news readers’ nightmare Jeremy Hunt the newly minted Foreign Secretary.

Raab has claimed he’ll attempt to “steer” the Prime Minister away from further concessions to the EU, but that is to place himself in a similar position to Davis, at odds with the leadership, although that leadership might well change soon, and indeed if a bet on sports in the UK doesn’t tickle your fancy a bet on brexit fallout might. Right now the Conservative party looks set to implode and a general election is not impossible,which is why sites like Bet365 are touting odds on the next Prime Minister.

Bet On Brexit And Its Fallout At Bet365

Next Prime Minister Of Britain

  • Dominic Raab – 16/1
  • Andrea Leadsom – 16/1
  • Jeremy Hunt – 11/1
  • Boris Johnson – 8/1
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg – 7/1
  • Michael Gove – 11/2
  • Jeremy Corbyn – 5/1
  • Sajid Javid – 4/1

Who’d have bet on brexit to bring about a possible leadership challenge? Well just about everyone really and pre-brexit crisis it was the horrific Jacob Rees-Mogg and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who were thought likely to come out leading the country but right now the favorite is the almost sensible Sajid Javid at just 4/1 on sites like Bet365, with Corbyn trailing at around 5/1 and Rees-Mogg barely scraping together 7/1 behind the absolutely ghastly Michael Gove at around 11/2 or 6/1 if you’re lucky.

Those in the UK gambling news of his resignation might mean he’ll run for the top job should note that Boris Johnson get’s 8/1 on most sites like Bet365, and Jeremy Hunt garners an unrealistic 11/1 given he is his own rhyming slang. A general election this year is now standing at 13/8 ahead of 2022 at 9/4, and if that doesn’t alarm you the fact that both the major parties are getting 10/11 to win the most seats should. Division lumbered everyone with this bet on Brexit, not entirely sure the UK requires any more.

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