Budapest Lost Chances of Becoming 2024 Olympic Host City

Budapest Olympic Games 2024

Budapest hasn’t been the number one favourite to be 2024 Olympic host city anyways, but the latest news in Hungarian politics made sure that the odds for Budapest to win the application grew even bigger…

Online gambling news in Hungary were pretty optimistic regarding the chances for Budapest to host 2024 Olympic Games. Everything seemed easy, even the Parliament were in support of the Hungarian capital hosting Olympic Games. However, everything changed in a split second when a new political power gained popularity within the Central European country.

Budapest lost chances to be the 2024 Olympic host city

This new political party called Momentum Mozgalom (Moment Movement) started collecting signatures in Budapest in hopes of being able to make the City Council to revoke its application to host the Olympics in 2024. They collected much more signatures than they would ever have hoped for, so Budapest should hold a referendum with the following question: “Do you agree that the City council should revoke its application to host the Olympic Games in 2024?”

Well, if it were a Western democratic state, the referendum would have been done long ago. However, the soviet influence is still pretty visible in Hungary so it is not likely that there will be any referendum. The government is probably only going to revoke the application in hopes of minimizing political damage and finding new mainstream topic for people to talk about.

Paris or Los Angeles?

Online sportsbooks in Hungary are now pretty pessimistic about the chances of Budapest to win the application. Hungary’s odds to be chosen in September are 8.20 (36/5) according to the odds given by Betfair. Paris remains favourites with 1.55 (11/20) odds, while those for Los Angeles are 3.30 (23/10).

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