Can Glenn Hoddle Help Harry Redknapp Keep QPR in Premier League: Latest Betting Odds

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Harry Redknapp brings Glenn Hoddle to help him manage Queens Park Rangers during the upcoming season.

Only a few days left to go until the start of 2014-2015 season in the Premier League, and fans and punters prepare to cheer their favorites on and of course bet on them under British gambling laws. Forgetting about the favorites for a moment, let’s take a look at one of the newly promoted teams – Queens Park Rangers – and their chances this season.

Last season QPR fans were betting at online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom that their team will be promoted to the Premier League, and they were right. The squad placed fourth in the League Championship, and had to go through qualifications for a chance of promotion. QPR have successfully beaten Wigan in the semis and Derby County in the final and will now be playing in the top flight, which they left the season before ending up in last spot.

QPR management

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• QPR have just been promoted from the second ties

Online sportsbooks in the UK provide lots of betting offers on the team

• Harry Redknapp brought in Glenn Hoddle to help with the team’s management

One of the key factors for QPR’s last season’s success was the fact that Harry Redknapp managed to bring back Steve McClaren to his management team for a period of three months. Steve is now coaching Derby Country, and Redknapp is bringing Glenn Hoddle to help out with QPR.

There are many parallels with this appointment. Remember when Tony Pulis was mocked by many experts after bringing Gerry Francis to his coaching staff following the promotion of Stoke to Premier League. Francis hadn’t worked in football since Bristol Rovers, but Pulis was aware about his abilities to organize great defense in the team, something which ultimately kepf Stoke in the top flight, and quite comfortably too.

This example serves as proof that management is about having the right people around you, and not only about tactics, strategy, and dealing with the players at your disposal. It remains to be seen just how good will Glenn Hoddle be able to help QPR establish a place in the Premier League, but Harry Redknapp is confident.

Experts agree that Hoddle has been a truly gifted coach, despite his failure to be players’ favorite. He possesses a great understanding of the game and knows what it needed in terms of temperament and technique. Hoddle has approached every game he served as coach at with a clear strategy and plan.

QPR prospects and betting odds

Queens Park Rangers are currently second in line to finish bottom of the league with 6.50 odds for those who bet on sports in the UK. Given the Redknapp’s history as coach it would’ve been a smart bet to place, but with the arrival of Hoddle things will certainly change.

Currently Bet365’s 6.00 odds on QPR finishing in the top half of the Premier League table seem like a very rewarding bet to make. Naturally, the bet on them winning the top flight is a bit out there, but with a giant line of 5001.00 true fans can land a major windfall should this fairy-tale come true.

If we look at QPR’s chances in the Premier League without the top 7 in consideration, their odds are much better – 26.00, which is a pretty nice wager to make. However, their chances of becoming the top London club in the Premier League are dismal – 2501.00 odds, understandably so, considering there are 5 other teams from the capital.

Bet365 gives QPR 2.62 odds to become the top newcomer to the league, and 67.00 odds to finish in the top 6. The situation with top team goalscorers is a bit clearer: Charlie Austin leads the way with 2.00 odds, followed by Loic Remy with a line of 2.20. The rest of the field is pretty far with Bobby Zamora and Jordan Mutch at 13.00 odds, and David Hoilett given 17.00 odds to beat his teammates.

More about Glenn Hoddle

True fans will know that is was Glenn Hoddle who brought in Rio Ferdinand into the England squad and cheered him on to bring the ball out from the middle. Hoddle was advocating this style of defending, giving the back three more confidence in possession.

At the age of 35 Rio now plays for QPR alongside Steven Caulker. Football experts agree that Hoddle has what it takes to push Caulker to get back on the Three Lions squad, especially after a disastrous Brazil World Cup campaign.

The deadline for Redknapp to add more power to both the management team and the squad itself isn’t closed yet. Harry’s ability to manage people combined with Hoddle’s skill to provide the team with a unique angle will surely yield results on the Loftus Road.

Queens Park Rangers kick off the season on Saturday with a match against Hull, where the hosts are slightly favored with 2.50 odds compared to a line of 2.87 for Hull and 3.20 for a tie. It will be extremely interesting to see just how good QPR will do throughout the season and where can they end up at the end of it.

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