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Posted: June 21, 2024

Updated: June 21, 2024

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Do you believe in the heart of the cards? If no one else does, then you should learn how to make the heart of the card beat visibly, quite literally. We have collected some of the card magic tricks you can learn easily. A great way to make a phenomenal exit from a casino, or to impress your friends at a party.

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When people say you should be the center of attention in a casino, maybe you want to take it to the extremes. In this article, we are going to give you some of the card magic tricks you can learn! Of course, keep magic tricks lowkey in a casino, as the staff might ban you from playing. Other than that? It can be a pretty epic trick to perform in the middle of the casino. Especially once you are set on leaving anyway.

You should go out with a bang, letting a cloud of cards fly around you. But before we turn into professional magicians, first let’s meet the cards. If you are interested in playing online, we recommend you register at some of the online poker sites in the US. There are several different tricks to talk about, but let’s start with some of the basics, leaving a more complex one at the end!

Jumping Card – Card Magic Tricks You Can Learn

The Jumping Card is a classic trick where a selected card mysteriously jumps to the top of the deck. To perform this trick, you secretly place a duplicate of the chosen card on top of the deck before the trick begins. Ask a spectator to select a card and show it to the audience. While they do this, casually bring the duplicate to the top of the deck.

When they return their card to the middle of the deck, use a sleight-of-hand maneuver, such as a double lift, to show the top card as their selected card. With a magical gesture, tap the deck and reveal that the spectator’s card has miraculously jumped to the top. This trick relies on subtle sleight of hand and a well-placed duplicate. According to Reddit, some people love to make the card physically jump out of the deck. To play real cards, register at Everygame Poker!

Jumping card

The Ambitious Card

Created by Gustav Alberti, this is for those who want to be funny with strangers. Among some of the most popular gambling card tricks, we have one of the card magic tricks you can learn in one day. In The Ambitious Card tricks, a chosen card repeatedly rises to the top of the deck. Therefore, this is upscaling the previous trick. No special setup is required. Have a spectator select a card, remember it, and place it back in the middle of the deck. With a few shuffles and cuts, secretly maneuver the chosen card back to the top.

Use a double lift to show the top card as a random card, then place it back and reveal their card on top. Repeat the process, using different sleights such as the pass or the double undercut, making the card return to the top each time. The trick showcases the magician’s skill and the card’sambitionto always be on top.

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Magical Rising – Card Magic Tricks You Can Learn

This one is for those who don’t mind buying their first magical equipment. Eventually, we need to buy things to help our tricks. Imagine a card, any card, mysteriously rising out of the deck like it has a mind of its own! That’s the magic of the Rising Card trick. It usually involves a special card or a sneaky built-in mechanism hidden within the deck. Here’s how it goes: you ask someone to pick a card, anyone they like, and then slip it back in.

Then, with the deck in your hand or even resting in a glass, the chosen card spookily rises to the top, defying gravity! It looks like pure magic, and once it reaches the top, you can hand it back to them for proof. This trick wows people because of its impossible movement, but it’s all thanks to some clever engineering behind the scenes. This trick is going to make magic in the casino.

Hidden card

The Phantom Card

Some of the card magic tricks you can learn will require you to be at your own house. The Card Through the Table trick better known as the phantom card, makes a selected card seem to pass through the table itself. Start by having a spectator choose a card and return it to the deck. After shuffling, place the deck on the table. Secretly palm the selected card in your hand. With a dramatic gesture, pretend to push the deck through the table. Reveal the palmed card under the table as if it has passed through the solid surface.

This illusion combines sleight of hand with effective misdirection, creating the impression that the card has impossibly traversed the table. The trick’s success depends on the magician’s ability to divert attention at the crucial moment. According to Quora, there are different ways to execute this trick. The easiest way is to stick the card to the bottom of the table with a sleight of hand.

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Invisible Deck – Card Magic Tricks You Can Learn

The invisible deck is Imagine picking any card you can think of, and then like magic, it’s the only one facing up in the entire deck! That’s the power of the Invisible Deck. Now, this deck isn’t your average pack of cards. But there is a secret! Some cards are a little bit smoother than others. Here’s how it works: I ask you to pick any card you like, then I spread the deck out, and BAM! 

Your chosen card is the only one staring back at you like it’s the star of the show. It might seem impossible, but it’s all thanks to a clever design hidden in the deck itself. This trick is so strong because it’s so simple. There’s no fancy shuffling or sleight of hand, just pure surprise and wonder on your face! The deck has a simple mechanism that allows the smooth cards to be turned over easily. But we don’t recommend bringing a deck to the casino. Instead, learn some of our easy poker chip tricks!

Is this your card?

The Signed Cards

Reaching the end of our article on the card magic tricks you can learn, there is one more left. According to Sportskeeda, a variation of this trick managed to blow the mind of the baseball star, Shohei Otani. Essentially, the key to signed cars is to have a pre-signed card. Use social manipulation and distraction, making someone choose a given card. Tell them to write something on the card, and then sign your own. Of course, your signing is just an illusion, as the card was pre-signed.

Thus, you have a duplicate in there. Another mind-blowing trick would be to prepare a set of cards, making someone assume they can pick from the whole deck, while it’s just a few cards repeating themselves. This way, you can easily make a few pre-signed cards and shuffle them into the deck sneakily. Of course, if you just prefer to play poker games, then we recommend registering at Everygame Poker!

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