Popular Gambling Card Tricks Even Kids Can Perform


Posted: June 8, 2020

Updated: June 8, 2020

  • Here are three simple card tricks to learn
  • Impress everyone with the Ace-hand or 21

Everyone should have seen popular gambling card tricks at least once, either in movies or during illusionist performances. If you have always dreamt to repeat them, here are some hocus-pocus tricks that are really easy to repeat.

Have you ever dreamt of performing tricks with playing cards like in the movies? This is not as difficult as you think, so everyone can repeat tricks of the Four Horsemen from Now You See Me. Learn some popular gambling card tricks to impress everyone around during your next visit to a casino or friendly meeting.

Most tricks with cards are connected to sleight of hands, good memory, and self-confidence. If you have both of them, learning this kind of magic will not be difficult for you. Let’s go!

How to get a perfect blackjack hand 

Fortunately, playing blackjack online in the US doesn’t require tricks like this, but it can still be helpful during the friendly game. To get a perfect blackjack hand of Ace + Jack, follow our instructions.

Before you start the performance, make sure you put the following cards at the top of the deck in a special order: Ace, four, and Jack as the upper card. Show the Ace + four combination to the audience to prove that your game is fair. Then, place four and Jack on the top of the deck, but make sure they face up the other cards faced down. It means that Ace now hiddenly comes after Jack.

popular gambling card tricks
Would you trick her?

Once you do it, use both cards (Jack and hidden Ace) to flip four over facing down. Then, drop the Jack + Ace pair on top and flip over Jack facing down. Take two cards from the deck that turns out to be Jack and Ace. You are a magician now! However, keep in mind that popular gambling card tricks like this are good in a friendly circle. Using them in casinos can be understood as cheating and punished. If you are looking for a cheat-free environment, we suggest going to Intertops casino.

Popular gambling card tricks: guess the card

This is probably the easiest card hocus-pocus everyone can learn. It is called mind-reading or guess-the-card trick. To perform it, you need just a deck of cards and the audience to witness your magic skills. In mind-reading trick, someone has to choose one card from a deck and a performer has to guess it. 

The following steps will help you to perform this trick. Firstly, you choose one of the audience members who will pick the card. You keep the deck in front of his/her face and start fanning cards until this person stops you. Then, you reveal the chosen card to the audience and cut the deck in half at the same time. Memorize the card lying at the bottom of the upper half of the deck.

The next step is putting the card chosen by your opponent inside the deck below the card you have memorized. Once you do it, start reviewing the whole deck; the card that will come next to the card you remember is your opponent’s pick. This is the trick that you may remember from Now You See Me or other movies about gambling.

popular gambling card tricks
Are they cheating?

Amuse everyone by getting a 4-Ace hand

One of the popular gambling card tricks is dealing with four Aces in your hand. This hocus pocus is not as difficult to perform it seems. Before you start a performance, you have to place all Aces on the top of the deck. Then, give 5 hands to 5 players including yourself, and ask everyone to reveal cards. Distract your audience from mixing their cards and memorize where they keep Aces (if they don’t shuffle, the position of Aces won’t change).

The next step is turning all cards face down and collecting them again to put on the top of the deck. Start with 4 players who had Aces in their hands. If you won’t be mistaken, all Aces are distributed within the first 20 cards on the top of the following positions: 5, 10, 15, and 20. Deal 5 hands to each player once again, but this time be the last one to get cards. Reveal your cards and see that you have 4 Aces in your hand. The 4-Ace hand is one of the best poker combinations. Try the best poker at Intertops Casino as well as other card games.

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