Casino Secrets You Should Know About: Shared on Reddit


Posted: February 25, 2022

Updated: February 28, 2022

  • Casino secrets shared by Reddit users
  • Don’t play slots near the bathroom
  • Casino secrets you should know about
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There are many casino secrets you should know about. We collected the best insiders shared by Reddit users. In conclusion, avoid the slots near the toilet area, and do not try to flirt with the casino staff. Never think that your jackpot is a financial threat to the casino. Because the house always wins.

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Reddit is a wonderful place to visit if you wish to understand more about things you are not involved in. Because one of these things is the life of the casino staff. If you ever wondered about what the staff thinks about you, or what are the casino secrets you should know about. Then we collected the best insiders shared by Redditors. If you are playing on the online casino sites in the US, then you have more safety than you thought.

Casino secrets you should know about

The best piece of advice was shared by the user u/lunapuff. Eight years ago, the user claimed to be a casino worker for two years. The most important thing they shared was bragging and going on about explaining things. You shouldn’t try to explain the game to your friends loudly, and you definitely shouldn’t try to give your top secret of winning at Blackjack. Most of the people around you will hear what you say, and they will think that you are obnoxious and you make no sense. They also shared that you should always be respectful. If you are joining a table that is going well, then the players around you will hate you. Always try to be polite and ask if you are welcome by the players.

The House is always winning

This is one of the top casino secrets you should know about. According to Investopedia, the house is always winning. You might hit the jackpot and win money more than you ever held before, but that is still not making the house lost. Because one jackpot is just a tiny portion of the total income of casinos. For every $500.000 they hand out, they make a $1.2 mil return. And this isn’t something shady. Managing a casino is like managing a retail shop. The business is designed in such a way that the business will always come out positive at the end of the month. The only difference is, that gambling brings more money to the house than selling groceries. Because it is a luxury service that is considered to be entertainment. This means one individual might spend $1,000 a day, walking out with $200.

Casino Secrets You Should Know About

The smoking ban – Casino secrets you should know about

The smoking ban in casinos and public places cost more than millions for every business. This isn’t surprising because, in the entertainment industry, smoking was one of the main activities people did. If you remember the times before smoking was banned, people used to buy a pack of cigarettes and a lottery ticket. They were smoking by the casino table. According to the Research Gate, the government of Illinois State lost $200 million after the smoking ban. Because people not only couldn’t sell cigarettes in casinos anymore, but people who wished to smoke had to leave the area. This often results in the players not returning to the casino, which is a strong decline. While this isn’t a casino secret, it is a business detail you should know about.

They are always watching you

Just like in every entertainment area, or public shop. There are cameras everywhere. And in casinos, you have people whose job is to monitor these cameras as their job. But furthermore, if you win more than around $15,000, then from now on you can consider every step to be watched in the building. The security guards, the dealers, and even the camera room will monitor your behavior to ensure that you are winning this money fairly. Because if they notice suspicious behavior such as looking at the cards of other players, or fiddling with devices. Then you can expect to be contacted by one of the staff workers to ensure the fairness of your game. While for first this might add a sense of paranoia, it isn’t a huge problem. Because if you are not cheating, then you have nothing to fear.

Slots have the same musical key

As we already mentioned in our Music Played In Casinos article, casinos are tailoring their service for maximum profit. This means that even the sounds and music are contributing to their income. The songs and sounds in the Slots are all played in C major, which is one of the most pleasant and non-disturbing sounds. This is how they keep up your good mood. Because the sounds are not contributing to any disturbances such as a headache and a migraine. Mainly this is why you aren’t hearing deep bass in a casino place. Because bass can easily exhaust a player, especially if they are focusing on something. Therefore, this is one of the most important casino secrets you should know about.

Casino Secrets You Should Know About

Wash your hands before and after playing

You might have not heard about it. But washing hands in casinos is one of the most important things. People are walking in and out of the bathroom, some of them are not washing their hands. The chips are moving from hand to hand, just like the money and the cards. And let’s not forget about the machines themselves. Because the closer something is to the bathroom, the more hygienic danger it carries. You should always wash your hands after touching money or chips from a casino. And be respectful by washing your hands after the toilet, or before you touch something thousands of other people will touch.

Undercover cops in Vegas

If you are visiting retail Las Vegas casinos, you should know that there are undercover cops ensuring the safety of people. This is how the police is quick to dismiss casino fights and shootings. Because they are there to defend the people, knowing how alcohol and loss are contributing factors to chaos. This is another good reason for you to not cause a scene in a casino. Many false casino rumors are talking of the criminals in these places. These are usually untrue, coming from stories reaching back more than thirty years. This is one of the many unspoken casino secrets you should know about.

Best online casinos: Casino secrets you should know about

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