Check Out How To Win At Camel Racing Around The World

If you know how to win at Camel Racing there’s big purses and prizes out there for the taking so here’s our top tips

How To Win At Camel Racing

With top animals going for eight figure sums and the purses getting richer all the time now is the moment to launch your career in this fabulous ancient sport that dates back into the mists of time and is still popular across the Middle East and beyond. Naturally, to help you on your way, we present our top tips on how to win at camel racing and ensure your magnificent entrants get the lowest possible prices on sites like Bet365, one of the best online sportsbooks in Australia

  1. The Right Camel

How To Win At Camel Racing
If you aim the top, you need to choose the right camel that suits your riding style (Image source: Toby Hudson [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
Whether you decide to go with an established animal with a track record or decide to raise one from immaturity be sure to pay careful attention to the teeth, forelocks and hooves, even small defects are likely to indicate a beast unworthy of your patronage. The best animals will show natural talent and a desire to run, and if there’s one thing you’ll have to gain if you want to know how to win at camel racing it’ll be an eye for being able to pick the gifted among the caravan.  

  1. Going The Distance

How To Win At Camel Racing
It is essential to choose a camel whose age and stamina are suitable for the the circuit on which the race is run. Too old is as bad as too young. (Image source: prilfish)

Typically the younger the animal the shorter a distance over which it is run. A two or three year old camel is going to fare best over the 4km courses whilst those edging towards eight or nine, the typical age of retirement, are going to be going over 10km. Selecting the correct distance for your animal is a big part of how to win at camel racing and if you regularly bet on sport in Australia you’ll already have seen some prime examples of mid-aged mounts in the Camel Cup.

  1. Handicapping Diplomacy

This is one of the little known skills you’ll need to acquire when trying to discover how to win at camel racing. Each race is handicapped immediately prior to a meeting and the responsible handicapper is an important and well-respected figure in the sport. Be sure to do anything possible to get on, and stay on, his good side, his decisions about the age, gender and weight of your camel can be the difference between becoming a winner and becoming an also ran.   

  1. Keep It Clean

How To Win At Camel Racing
Keeping the camel clean is highly important (Image source: Youtube)

Whilst you might imagine this is to do with hygiene (and that is incredibly important in the long run) this is actually a warning about the dangers of allowing your animal to be contaminated. Whether by accident or design permitting your mount to be sullied, and it’s not just performance enhancing drugs and doping efforts, will result in a failure in your pursuit of how to win at camel racing. They test animals prior to all meetings and the punishments for infringement are tough. 

  1. A Chip On Your Shoulder

Theft of successful camels, and indeed the bait-and-switch seen in some races back in the old days, has been combated in recent years by a universal chipping system. Your animals will require a chip to be implanted in their neck to identify them at all times. These chips are checked prior to every race to ensure the animals racing are the animals people have taken advantage of Australian gambling laws at Bet365 to back. This codification has boosted prize pots hugely.  

  1. Robot Invasion

How To Win At Camel Racing
Using robots instead of human jockeys is the new trend (Image source: Alex Sergeev ( [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
Since child jockeys were outlawed in 2002 there has been an increasing trend towards robot jockeys remotely controlled from the sidelines. Whether you decide to go this high tech route or stick with the more traditional human is up to you, but the choice could be key in finding out how to win at came racing and you may consider the professionals worthy of the weight allowance since they’re far more aware of what’s going on in the race than you will be watching from afar.

  1. International Scene

Spreading out from the Arabian Peninsula since well before the 7th century, there’s a lot more people these days that know how to win at camel racing and to join their ranks you’ll have to keep moving. Conditions may differ from place to place, country to country, but in the end it’ll be the Camel Cup you’ll probably want to win, where you can bet on camel racing at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in Australia these days, and win big in front of a home crowd.

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