Check Out More of Trump’s Fake News Awards Betting Odds

Fake News Awards betting odds

The name keeps changing but we all know what it is. Whether it’s called The Fakies Awards 2018, Donald Trump Media Awards or the Fake News Awards, one thing is certain. The contest is President Trump’s way of highlighting the ‘fact’ that mainstream media gives false information. We’re here to present more Fake News Awards betting odds for news agencies that are likely to receive most awards.

Fake News Awards betting odds


As one of the most followed political figures on the planet, it’s no surprise that the Fake News Awards hosted by Donald Trump would receive widespread public attention. He first announced the awards on January 8, but later postponed it to January 17 in a twitter post.

According to US online gambling news, the President was overbooked with his other duties so the awards show had to be postponed. On the other hand, the delay infinitely increases our anticipation for the winners. So, let’s have a look at the Fake News Awards betting odds together!

WaPo and The Incident

Donald Trump and David Weigel, a Washington Post journalist, was involved in a twitter scuffle at the end of 2017. The incident started with Weigel’s post in his personal twitter account, leading us to think that Trump was a liar. His picture showed a half empty arena which contradicted Trump’s words that the place was full of people.

The President’s heatedly responded in a twitter post saying “[They] put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived @ the venue, w/ thousands of people outside, on their way in. Packed house, many people unable to get in. Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!”

As a result, the Fake News Award betting odds for Washington Post are one of the top at 5/1 according to online betting sites in US. Any news agency which Donald Trump publically accused of giving fake news is bound to receive some awards in his contest.

Calling Out the BBC

Are you surprised that we have included BBC in our Fake News Awards betting odds? BBC is an overseas news agency based in the UK. It shouldn’t be part of this US competition. Contrary to that, online gambling sites in US estimate the odds for BBC to win the most awards from Trump at 20/1.

Sebastian Gorka Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump voiced his opinion saying “I’m sad to say that you and your colleagues have fallen into the trap of fake news.” This statement was directed at Newsnight Presenter Evan Davis and the BBC itself. Fake news about President Donald Trump is not limited to the US. So BBC certainly has the right to be considered in the Fake News Awards.

More Fake News Awards Betting Odds

Magazines could also be up for the most wins as Trump’s distaste for Vanity Fair and feud with Time Magazine were evident in the past. They both have 20/1 odds to receive the most Fake News Awards from Trump. Now, if you want to know Fake News Awards betting odds for the bookie’s favorites, read here. Alternately, you can start betting on Trump’s Fake News Awards at Unibet Sportsbook!

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