Copa Libertadores 2019 Predictions: High Hopes for the Argentine Giants, Palmeiras are the Favourites

  • Bookies expect Luis Felipe Scolari’s Palmeiras to go all the way
  • This could be a tough year for Cruzeiro and other Brazilian clubs
  • Boca Juniors and River Plate both seem to be realistic options to bet on
Copa Libertadores 2019 Predictions
Palmeiras supporters are looking forward to the rest of the year with great expectations
Source: Romerito Pontes (Flickr)

Copa Libertadores 2019 betting odds show that Palmeiras are the favourites of the tournament this year. Meanwhile, other Brazilian clubs, like Cruzeiro and Internacional are expected to struggle. We also believe that betting on the Boca Juniors or River Plate could be the most profitable choice this season. 

Copa Libertadores is a South American football tournament that has been organized annually since 1960. It’s the most prestigious club competition in the continent – similar to the Champions League in Europe. The first game took place on 22nd January, while the tournament is expected to finish on 23rd November 2019.

Last year, the Argentine River Plate managed to win under chaotic circumstances against Boca Juniors. While Unibet Sportsbook expects a different winner this season, we believe it’s much more reasonable to bet on one of the previous finalists.

Copa Libertadores 2019 Betting Odds at Unibet
Palmeiras 5.00
Flamengo 8.50
Boca Juniors 9.00
Cruzeiro 9.00
Internacional 9.00
River Plate 9.00

Copa Libertadores 2019 Predictions: Palmeiras are the absolute favourites

Online sportsbook sites in Brazil believe that Palmeiras could bag their second ever Libertadores Cup this year. The Verdão managed to win the Brazilian league last year, while they’re also competing for the title this season. While Luiz Felipe Scolari’s club managed to win the Campeonato Brasileiro 10 times, they’ve been struggling with the international tournaments.  It’s been 20 years since their last and only Copa Libertadores victory.

2019 Copa Libertadores Predictions
Carlos Tevez is a key player for Boca Juniors (Egghead06 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
However, their current 5.00 odds at Unibet to win the Copa suggest that this has to be their year. One of their biggest improvement is that Scolari managed to organize his team’s defence. As a result, Palmeiras have only conceded five goals in the first 11 league games. They’ve also got some high-profile names in the midfield. Felipe Melo joined them 2 years ago on a free transfer, while former Chelsea player Ramires arrived to São Paulo summer. They’ll mean a real threat to the two Argentine giants this year. 

River Plate and Boca Juniors could top the Brazilian clubs again

Last year’s finalists, River Plate and Boca Juniors are both very much in the mix as well. Since their chaotic clash last winter – when River supporters attacked Boca’s team bus – both clubs strengthened their squads a bit. Former Atletico Madrid and Benfica winger Eduardo Salvio joined Boca Juniors for 7 million euros, while River signed a left-back, Fabrizio Angileri for 2 million euros from Godoy Cruz. 

While both of these teams’ odds are 9.00 at Unibet, bookies argue that Cruzeiro, Internacional and Flamengo also have a shot for the trophy with similar chances. However, neither Flamengo and Internacional started their season pretty well, they’re 5 and 9 points behind the top two teams. Meanwhile, Cruzeiro only collected 10 points in the first 11 rounds.

Therefore, to conclude our Copa Libertadores 2019 predictions, we must suggest you to pick one of the Argentine clubs if you’re considering a bet on this tournament this year. While Palmeiras are considered to be favourites a River or Boca victory could be a lot more profitable – and just as likely.

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