Cricket Betting Is As Simple As Taking Your Trousers Off

Cricket Betting Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan gambling news headline story should have been that Zimbabwe defied the Cricket betting odds and won their first One Day International series win in sixteen years hanging on to take a 3-2 win against Sri Lanka despite a horrific collapse, however the Hambantota match that sealed the victory is unlikely to be remembered for the action at the crease and more likely to go down in the annals of cricket as the match where the staff had to strip off to get paid.

Lonwabo Tsotsobe

Cricket has a pretty staid reputation. Sure, over recent years the gentlemanly atmosphere has taken a bit of a beating, those stump mics picking up every muttered insult and piece of invective and revealing that whilst the clothes are white, the language is typically blue. Oh and yes there are still cheating scandals rumbling on, Lonwabo Tsotsobe of South Africa getting an eight year match fixing ban just this week, but despite these blemishes, no one watches cricket betting on enforced nudity for stewards.

That said there have been momentary outbreaks of disrobing at the Cricket. Streakers have featured quite often, the memorable first instance dating back to a match twixt New Zealand and Australia in 1974. Numerous repetitions have occurred down the years since with one of the most recognizable occasions the ample figure of Sheila Nicholls cart-wheeling across Lords back in 1989. In Sri Lanka recently however some who’d worked in cricket betting on getting paid hadn’t noted the small print.

Sri Lanka Has Trouble In The Trouser Department

The Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium, more often referred to as the MRIC or Sooriyawewa International, will be familiar to any who regularly do some cricket betting and they had hired, from the local populous, about 100 young people to work temporarily for the series twixt the home side of Sri Lanka and the Zimbabwe visitors. This is something that happens at grounds around the world, however this time the devil in the detail meant that to get their cash some staff had to lose their strides.

Unaware that at the end of the day they would be required to return the uniform provided prior to getting paid some had not brought extra clothing and were forced to strip off in order to receive their remuneration with social media awash with images of a embarrassed men in their underwear at the end of the day’s play. This is not the image the sport needs if it is going to attract more cricket betting and larger audiences, a bet on sports in Sri Lanka shouldn’t come at the expense of someone’s dignity, should it?

Cricket Betting Simple At Bet365

Cricket Betting Odds

  • International Match
  • Friday 14th July
  • R. Premadasa Stadium
  • Colombo
  • Sri Lanka – 7/12
  • Draw – 5/2
  • Zimbabwe – 13/2

“Stern action will be taken against those responsible,” promised the governing body of Sri Lankan Cricket betting everyone will forget about it in a week or so, going on to say that; “Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to apologize to those subjected to this ignominy, and will take steps to ensure they are compensated.” Which probably means twenty bucks and in future these temporary workers won’t be issued with uniforms at all and instead will just have plastic lanyards thrown around their necks.

Whether Zimbabwe will be able to reproduce their winning performance moving forward is nearly as questionable as the decision about the trousers, Sri Lanka were a broken side long before the visitors arrived with poor morale, ghastly fitness issues and the sort of coaching upheaval that leaves players not knowing if their coming or going, something other sides won’t suffer from and if you’re going to take advantage of Sri Lankan gambling laws to do some cricket betting, probably best you keep your trousers on and back someone else.

Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium (source:

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