Daily Diet For Poker Pros – How To Increase Mental Performance?


Posted: September 27, 2023

Updated: September 27, 2023

  • Effective energy consumption for poker
  • How to stay sharp during poker?
  • Daily diet for poker pros

Today I am going to talk about the best daily diet for poker pros. This diet is going to help you win most of your games, and always notice and take opportunities without your mind or body being too exhausted. Following a diet can clear brain fog, and help you learn how to always stay present. We will explain portions, and even touch a little on weight loss, just in case you are interested. Alternatively, you can play online to consume less energy.

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We know, that when gastronomy meets gambling the urge to order some of the masterpieces made at the prestigious casinos is huge. And it is nearly impossible to resist eating at least something. However, if you are a professional poker player, then things must change. Because it’s one thing to be a tourist who eats a lot during a visit. But if you make a living by playing, then you need mental and physical stamina and focus to be able to make money.

This is why we have compiled a daily diet for poker pros. Of course, a diet is easier to follow if you are just playing at online poker sites in the US. But if you are walking around from casino to casino, sitting from table to table? Then you will need a diet that is going to serve you, instead of your taste buds.

Ingredients – Daily Diet For Poker Pros

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), you need the following ingredients and portions every single day:

  • Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes (beans)
  • At least 400g of fruit and vegetables per day, excluding potatoes, cassava, and starchy roots. Less than 10% of total energy intake is from sugars.
  • This equals 50g or roughly 12 level teaspoons for a person who consumes 2000 calories per day.
  • Less than 30% of total energy intake comes from fats and unsaturated fats. (Fish, avocado, nuts, sunflower, soybean, canola, olive oil) Less than 5 g of salt.

Feeling lost? Learn a “salad wheel” and prepare a salad of 3 + 1 ingredients. The three core, and one of your liking that isn’t in it. For the rest of the day, it will be easier to pick other meals like eggs and bacon based on your portions. – Register at Everygame Poker to play online!

salad ingredients

Snacks And Beverages

When we are visiting Nevada, we all know that it is predominant to drink. And if we drink, we will suddenly want to snack. This is sort of the doom of human existence. But don’t worry! There are solutions to keep to your daily diet for poker pros. Because you can snack without losing your diet.

Just decrease your salad’s portions according to your plans. According to Reddit, the most recommended place for daytime snacks is Greens and proteins for a healthy meal in Las Vegas. If you are in another area, search for similar bars to find a business that sells just what you are looking for. For drinks, try to drink simple water with organic fruits in it, like lemon.

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Vegan’s Daily Diet For Poker Pros

If we are talking about a healthy diet, we do not have to go a long way to become a vegan. Non-vegans can put a little chicken into the salad. However, for experienced vegans, a healthy diet is much easier to follow. Please take a look at our article; A Vegan’s Guide To Gambling. We are picking out the best Vegas places for Vegans! However, if you are away from Sin City.

Then you can always create Vegan Meatballs using a mixer and various grains, veggies, beans, and legumes. You will reach a point where the vegan meat ball has the exact taste of meat. There are also many different varieties of meals using pesto. Ranging from pasta for a heavy meal, to a simple pesto-avocado toast. You could also try vegan waffles or coffees for the sugar intake.

healthy snacks

Let’s Talk Numbers!

Now for those who are experts, let us talk about the numbers in the daily diet for poker pros. Luckily, we are living in an overly experienced world. This means that we no longer have to calculate the lifestyle of a poker player. We just have poker pros who maintain a healthy diet and a sharp mind. According to BetMGM, you have to consume the following portion to be an effective poker pro:

  • 140 grams of protein a day, from 1,800 calories
  • 200 grams of carbs, 50 from fat.
  • Walking at least 10,000 steps a week. This way cardio is just optional
  • Lifting weight six times a week is important.

Right now we are talking about losing weight. However, it is crucial to lift weights. That way you can maintain your stamina without losing out on energy and the ability to perform heavy tasks.

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Night And Cheating – Daily Diet For Poker Pros

If you are not here to make your body perfect or lose weight, but rather to keep a sharp mind. Then we have the easiest solutions for you. See, to maintain a sharp mind, you need the diets mentioned above. However, once your daily poker is over, you can lie down and enjoy life sometimes.

This is why we have articles where we already collected which casinos have the best pizza. During these times, rewarding your hard work with a pizza, or a good pesto pasta is the best way to refill energy. However, if you plan to keep playing poker later, then try to reduce your pasta, and switch it to chicken, or for vegans avocado.

vegan pizza

Save Energy And Play Online!

Now that you know everything about a daily diet for poker pros. Let us talk about saving your energy, and perhaps world energy. Casinos consume an intense amount of electricity every day. And the same way, your body will consume an intense amount of energy while playing land-based poker.

However, switching to an online casino site can save you a lot of energy, which you can then put into working in your free time. If you are interested in a generally positive experience with poker, then I highly recommend you register at Everygame Poker to stay online, secure, and connected while practicing your diet and workout!

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