What’s The Difference Between Casino Dealers And Croupiers?


Posted: September 27, 2023

Updated: September 27, 2023

Whether you're enjoying a table game at a brick-and-mortar casino or playing with a live dealer online, you'll have to interact with either casino dealers or croupiers. But what's the difference between these two very similar jobs? Well, we're here to answer that question. A lot will depend on the type of casino games you play as well as where you're located around the globe.

Dealers are a familiar sight in the world of casinos, recognized for their role in overseeing various casino table games, particularly poker and blackjack. However, you might have also encountered the term “croupier,” which can sometimes be confused with a dealer because, like dealers, croupiers are involved in conducting games. Nevertheless, there are clear distinctions between their respective roles. Let’s explore these disparities between casino dealers and croupiers.

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Casino Dealer vs. Croupier – Defining The Roles

The term “dealer” is rooted in the action of “dealing” cards, which makes its purpose quite evident. In simple terms, a dealer is responsible for distributing cards at a gaming table, ensuring that each player receives the necessary number of cards to initiate the game. In addition to this, dealers oversee bets and uphold the rules of the game. Dealers can be found at a wide range of table games, but they are most renowned for their roles in blackjack and poker games.

If you’re enjoying an online live dealer game at Bet365 Casino, you’ll be playing with a dealer at the blackjack and poker tables. However, you typically won’t encounter them in online casino games such as jackpot slots, craps, or keno, to name a few. Now, let’s turn our attention to the croupier. The term “croupier” has its origins in the French word “croupe.” In the past, a croupe referred to an individual who assisted gamblers by remaining close to the gaming table to assist with placing and managing bets.

Over time, the role of a croupier evolved to encompass conducting table games and, in some cases, dealing cards as well. Given its French heritage, “croupier” is the more commonly used term in European casinos, whereas “dealer” is the standard designation in American gaming establishments. So, casino dealers and croupiers serve distinct functions in the realm of gambling and casino games, each with its unique set of responsibilities. Let’s have a look at these differences between casino dealers and croupiers in turn.

The Dealer

A casino game facilitator plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing various card games and table games within a casino setting.

casino dealers and croupiers
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Their responsibilities encompass shuffling and distributing cards, disbursing chips or money to players, and upholding game rules. Furthermore, they assist players in comprehending game regulations and procedures, while also guaranteeing the fair and efficient operation of the games. Casino game facilitators can be found presiding over tables for games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and various other card and table games.

The Croupier (Or Casino Dealer In Certain Contexts)

The term “croupier” is often employed in European and French casinos to designate the individual responsible for supervising and running roulette and other table games. In many instances, the roles of a croupier and a casino game facilitator are quite similar, as both entail the management of casino games. Primarily, the term “croupier” is used within the realm of roulette, where the croupier is tasked with spinning the roulette wheel, accepting wagers, and announcing the winning number or color. Croupiers also handle chips, disburse winnings, and ensure the game’s integrity.

Roles Of Casino Dealers And Croupiers In Online Casino Games

While there may be instances where their roles overlap, casino dealers and croupiers typically perform distinct functions depending on the specific casino game they oversee and their responsibilities during gameplay. These distinctions are particularly evident in online casino games at the best online casino sites in the UK involving real money, such as roulette, blackjack, and poker.

casino dealers and croupiers
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Croupiers primarily take charge of high-stakes live dealer casino games like roulette. Their duties include spinning the roulette wheel, launching the ball, and helping in the placement and removal of bets. Additionally, croupiers announce game outcomes and distribute winnings to the players.

Conversely, dealers are mainly associated with card games, where their primary task is to distribute playing cards. You’ll encounter them when participating in online casino games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack. For instance, an online live dealer in blackjack deals cards to players, monitors gameplay turns, and ensures adherence to game rules. At the conclusion of each round, they also dispense winnings and prepare the card deck for the subsequent round.

Are you curious about pursuing a career being casino dealers or croupiers within the iGaming industry? Both roles can be highly rewarding, offering not only competitive compensation but also the excitement and satisfaction of overseeing players’ enjoyment. However, it’s essential to note that these positions require specific skills, qualifications, and formal training.

Essential Skills For Aspiring Casino Dealers And Croupiers

If you aspire to become one of the best online casino dealers or croupiers, certain skills are indispensable for success in the role:

casino dealers and croupiers
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  • Mathematical Proficiency: This is a fundamental requirement, as you’ll be responsible for handling bets and calculating payouts.
  • Customer Service Mastery: Dealing with diverse player personalities is a daily occurrence, making strong customer service skills vital for thriving in this profession.
  • Effective Communication: You’ll frequently have to explain game rules and engage with players throughout each gaming session, emphasizing the importance of clear communication.
  • Unwavering Concentration: Casinos, whether physical or online, are bustling environments with numerous distractions; thus, maintaining unwavering focus while overseeing the game is essential.
  • Technical Proficiency: Given the prevalence of live dealer online casino games involving cameras and streaming, a basic understanding of these technologies is crucial for all casino dealers and croupiers.

Qualifications For Casino Dealers And Croupiers

Online gambling news in the UK suggest that reputable online casino platforms like Bet365 Casino prioritize well-trained dealers and croupiers with valid credentials to manage their games. Here are viable career pathways to consider:

  • Enrolling in Dealer School: Attending a dealer school provides comprehensive training in gameplay and the essential skills required for handling various casino games. Earning a certificate from a renowned school enhances your prospects in the casino dealers and croupiers job market.
  • In-House Training: If you prefer self-paced learning, you can acquire skills at home through online courses and other resources. However, note that this approach may not yield a formal certificate, so you’ll need to demonstrate your abilities effectively.
  • Securing a State License: Obtaining a state or municipal license not only validates your competence but also carries the government’s endorsement. This certification is highly regarded, typically requiring graduation from a recognized dealer school before application.

In Conclusion – Casino Dealers And Croupiers

As you can see, both casino dealers and croupiers are integral to casino games, with “dealer” being a more general term encompassing various card and table games, while “croupier” is typically associated with roulette and occasionally other table games in European and French casinos. However, the specific duties and responsibilities of these roles can vary based on the casino and the game being played.

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