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Posted: September 19, 2023

Updated: September 19, 2023

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Why can’t I win at poker? – Today, we are going to answer all of your questions. Perhaps, we are going to be able to break your losing streak. Or maybe, you will realize something that might still be your weakness. If you are a beginner, you can just experiment with other communities and formats. But if you are experienced, then there is something wrong with your whole approach to the game. Perhaps it’s not the cards or luck, but rather your psychology on things.

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Today, we are going to discuss everyone’s most common question; Why can’t I win at poker? – This is one question that keeps resurfacing in the poker community. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, something just clicks, and poof, your hot streak is gone. But why is this happening? First, you have to determine what level of poker you are on.

If you are a beginner, then my top recommendation is to register at the online poker sites in the US and just play with minimal bets until you learn more. However, if you are already through this and you still lose to beginners, then there is an issue. And today, we are going to crop out all of these things.

You Are Too Nice And Naive – Why Can’t I Win At Poker?

Let’s start with the basics. You are too nice. And when I say you are too nice, I mean it. Many people would immediately say ‘No, I am not too nice!’ – However, being nice in poker is a whole different level of understanding. This sums up to you not picking up signals, and not understanding when someone is manipulating you. Or, when you try to manipulate, you naively believe that you are in control of the situation.

According to Captain Comeback, a player’s inability to make the right decisions at the right time, and to take advantage of the opponent’s weakness is the problem. You have to actively fish for any signs of stress or insecurities, and indeed; you need to pick on people who are unsure or stressed out. Are they cocky, yet confused? Take advantage of that too. – Register at Everygame Poker to play!

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You Have To Dematerialize

Why can’t I win at poker, even if I am trying hard? – You might need to understand the concept of dematerialization. This is a word often used in religious circles when they ‘dematerialize’ to be able to commit to rough ritual practices. For example, a person dematerialized before committing to a 78-hour Zen Meditation retreat. – To dematerialize, is to change your whole attitude, your values, and needs for a temporary time.

And no, this isn’t only for religion. Some boxing athletes dematerialize before their match. They quit smoking, they start eating healthy, they commit to training; anything to achieve the goal. Once it’s done, they return to their previous lifestyle. This is how losers can win in poker. – Keep in mind, that you can’t fake it til’ you make it. Dematerialization is not about what’s on the outside, but more about what is on the inside.

zen for poker

People Use Tools You Don’t – Why Can’t I Win At Poker?

Card counting, cheat sheets, poker A.I., digital assistants. I listed some of the things you shouldn’t use during poker, right? Wrong! – You have to use everything in poker. Because the casino doesn’t want you to use these, but it isn’t against the law. They may kick you out, but that is just another risk-taking factor. The reason why Poker is about psychological and emotional manipulation is because the casino can not fairly evaluate what is and isn’t social manipulation. 

Therefore, if they could, they would have banned it already. If you are still skeptical about all of these tools. Then we have an article on the best poker bluffing strategies. Use them, because you might try to win a race against a Ferrari using a Chevrolet. – Is that more fair than exploiting your opponent’s emotional state?

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Try Different Online Formats

According to Reddit, you are not the only one who keeps asking; ‘Why can’t I win at Poker?’ – And many people speculate many things on that forum. Some are just straight-out delusional people. However, some others make a lot of sense. First, the majority of the community suggests that online play is harder than offline. Because everyone knows their things, and social manipulation is not as easy to pull off as during offline play.

Some guys just need you to stare at them for 5 minutes to get confused and forget their play-plan. But without a face? These strategies won’t work. If this is truly your issue, then the users recommend you to try sit and go-s. These tournaments are generally the answer to modern issues, as they will make you face several tables.

fold if you have to

Don’t Rely On Gambling Aspects

According to Upswing Poker, another reason why you might be asking; ‘Why can’t I win at poker?’ is because you are overplaying yourself. Poker is a great game because it involves luck. Therefore, arguments can not happen, and if they do, sometimes we just say ‘It was good and bad luck’. However, in reality, professional poker pros always try to reduce the gambling factor as much as they can. Which isn’t just about a reductive approach.

Sometimes you have to limit yourself. You see a great opportunity, but other than recognizing it, you have no idea how to play it. Then don’t. Just fold if you are unsure. Yes, you might lose out on the sweet $40k pot. But if you’d lose anyway, then why would you take an elevated risk?

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Poker Isn’t About Fairplay – Why Can’t I Win At Poker?

Finally, there is another open secret you have to acknowledge. Poker players are called hustlers for a reason. These guys are not about to sit down with each other and just risk all of their hard-earned cash. They are making shows and tournaments out of it, such as WSOP or Hustler Casino’s live stream. Because it will generate money, even if they lose. It will turn them into community influencers, so they can sell books and receive invitations.

It’s networking. It is one of the most common poker mistakes, to sit down with your ‘poker league’ and try your luck. No, you have to act like you are a beginner and sit down with fools who will put up $1k while not even knowing what they are doing. Trust me, all poker pros do this. Some of them even wear masks and incognito disguises.

try a new poker site

You Are Using The Wrong Site

‘I read all this, but I am still losing! Why can’t I win at poker just once?!’ – If I read your thoughts, then the problem is the casino community or the website you are using. Because sometimes the community is just like that. They might be better, more experienced, or take an advantage you are unaware of.

Who knows? Maybe your favorite Las Vegas casino is frequented by an incognito poker pro and his group who plays horse for him. In that case, just discover places. First always play with the minimum, just to test the air and atmosphere. My top recommendation for you to start your journey by register at Everygame Poker. They are always giving you a relatively open atmosphere.

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