How To Become A Professional Croupier: A Key To Success

  • Casino dealers are very important people in the world of gambling.
  • But have you ever thought about how to become a professional croupier?
  • In our article, we listed some tips which can turn an ordinary dealer into a real professional.
How to become a professional croupier

What is the main job of casino dealers? Usually, they monitor the progress of the gameplay, make payments, handle cards, chips, and other equipment. However, to become a leading croupier, these skills are not enough. Specialists working for a long time in a casino are distinguished by a set of other qualities that allow calling them professionals and being in demand in the labor market. Experts with many years of experience in the field of gambling highlight several tips on how to become a professional croupier. Let’s discuss them all!

How to become a professional croupier: Rock-solid character

Experts working for many years in the field of gambling are well aware that many of the words spoken by customers do not relate personally to the croupier. Often they are pronounced on emotions. Nobody wants to lose, therefore, an outsider may be seized with anger. Some players make scandals at a table in the hall or even swear at the croupier. However, the next day they return to the same establishment with an apology. Thus, if you plan to stay in the position of the dealer for a long time, you should be patient. Only this way is how you can become a professional croupier. If you lack patience, stamina, the ability not to react on rude words in your address, then learn this. You can read about Essential Gambling Etiquette Rules to know what else is important while visiting any casino.

Besides, casino customers are often very superstitious people. They tend to note a variety of details, events, dates, and numbers, which supposedly indicate that in a future game they are lucky or not. Sometimes faith in strange signs comes to the point of absurdity, and a person takes into account not strict mathematics, but completely extraneous things. Such players prefer to sit down only at lucky tables, carefully choose the croupier, bring talismans, and amulets with them. All this is done to attract fortune. It happens that such visitors cause laughter, but an experienced croupier will not allow himself even a smile. The dealer should not distinguish such people from the crowd until they violate the rules of the game and behavior.

How to become a universal croupier

Experts working in a casino, in a private conversation, can tell you that they like some games more, and they follow the course of others with longing. Some people like roulette, some prefer a quick blackjack, and some like the meditative calm of poker. It happens that ladies try to avoid roulette tables, as they are afraid to ruin the manicure when the ball is launched. Whereas croupiers who think slowly would like to never approach blackjack players. However, if you want to know how to become a professional croupier, you will have to push personal preferences back. Good dealers work equally well in any position. They are most valued by employers as they are universal and can be put at any table. No matter if you work for land-based or online casinos in the US, be a professional!

How to become a professional croupier
You must learn all the game rules before you want to start your croupier career

Competence is a key to success!

A professional dealer can easily answer any questions regarding gambling. One should understand the rules and features of the game process, know different tactics, strategies, betting schemes, and mathematical probability. Usually, the croupiers are not entitled to advise visitors during the game. However, there are often situations when customers ask dealers about the gameplay. A professional croupier will always find the way how to formulate a phrase so that the player receives an answer, but the dealer does not violate the rules of the establishment.

Besides, many years of work in the gambling business allow experienced dealers to immediately identify players who cheat. They easily recognize such people during the gameplay. A good croupier will always notice marked cards, the exchange of information between those sitting at the table, the use of technical means that would bring the participant closer to victory. Remember that professionals can quietly report the incident to management. In some situations, they can prevent fraudulent activity. Even Live Dealers in Online Casinos should follow this rule of how to become a professional croupier.

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A professional croupier is also a psychologist

Experienced dealers can attract players with completely different characters and views on the gameplay. So, the croupiers should be able to calm the nervous client without moralizing, keep the lucky winner with a large sum in the game, and raise the mood of the visitor in depression. In both land-based and online casino sites in the US this quality is most valued. it is extremely important to create the feeling that the customers in this gambling club are happy. Therefore, it is necessary for the croupier not only to establish contact with the players but be able to communicate with them in the same style – in other words, to speak their language. One should be aware of the line that cannot be crossed: impose and annoy a person with inappropriate questions, make negative comments, and criticize. How to become a professional gambler? First, become a professional psychologist!

How to become a professional croupier
Let me cry on your shoulder!

Professional attitude towards gambling

The casino should not completely absorb the dealer, which would gradually turn into a fanatic. In general, there are two categories of the croupier. First are those who cannot stand cards or chips when they are done with work even in the company of their friends. Whereas enthusiasts belong to the second category. They are always ready to gamble themselves. Indeed, it is bad if the dealer oneself has never been in the place of real casino players. However, often, gambling enthusiasts disseminate confidential information. Therefore, if you want to know how to become a professional croupier, get rid of the craving for the game. Better start looking at gambling only from the judge and the host.

Besides, the croupier should not be hungry for money. The employee who does not hide the joy over the players’ loss and constantly begs for tips or gifts looks extremely absurd. It is noteworthy that greedy dealers often become a member of a group of fraudsters. Self-respecting croupiers will never go down to that level. Their reputation and the prospect of getting a highly paid place in one of the top casinos are much more significant than small tips for several shifts or money for participating in some fraud.

If you want to become a professional croupier, strive for the best!

There is always something you can learn

Professional casino dealers always try to increase their experience and strive for continuous training. They improve the quick score, the technique of shuffling cards, and cutting chips. Besides, they learn to get into the designated sectors and numbers on the roulette wheel, get acquainted with new ways of gambling, and their rules. When a croupier is sure that one has studied everything he needs in full, and there is no new information in the gambling sector, not only is one deeply mistaken but at the same time begins to degrade. One should always bear in mind that without updating the knowledge, it is gradually forgotten. Thus, a person no longer takes into account some points and nuances. As a result, even experienced croupiers can turn their pros into cons.

How to become a professional croupier
You must keep on learning even if you are a professional – Image source: Antoine Taveneaux / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Career prospects

It also happens that a professional croupier burns out at work. Gambling becomes uninteresting for him and he does not see prospects and opportunities for development. This happens if a person stays in one position for a long time or simply feels tired of the casino and its atmosphere. This is not a reason to dismiss an employee who was once an ideal and brilliant specialist. An experienced manager or head of the gambling hall will always find an approach to such a person by motivating him so that interest in the work reappears.

These are the main tips that show you how to become a professional croupier. We have they will be useful for you on your way to success in this field. Remember that practice and the right attitude towards gambling are for sure the key points. However, if you prefer to stay on the other side of the table or screen, then its high time to visit the Intertops Casino. Master your gambling skills, and who knows, maybe one day you will decide to deal cards yourself!

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