What It’s Like To Date A Gambler: Special Kind Of Relationships

  • Some people treat gamblers as addicts who constantly lose their money.
  • However, in reality, this fact is far away from the truths.
  • We have decided to find out what it’s like to date a gambler.
what it’s like to date a gambler

Imagine that your friend offers an acquaintance with an interesting young man, but at the same time mentions that he is very passionate about gambling. Will you agree to meet him in this case? Most likely you will refuse. And this is understandable because the concept of a “male gambler” is associated with the risk of losing money, eternal debts, and creditors. But is this always true? If a young man likes to spend time with friends playing poker or occasionally plays online slots, it does not mean that his sad future is predetermined. Moreover, on the contrary, this fact points to his intellectuality and innate ability to control his emotions. To make this situation clearer, we have decided to look at what it’s like to date a gambler. 

What it’s like to date a gambler: Comments of psychologists

According to the latest psychological studies, all men are by their nature gamblers. Moreover, depending on the scope of their passion they form their success. Imagine how it could be otherwise. If a man is not passionate about anything, he will not take the risk of achieving the woman he desires, a perfect job, and high status in any society. Therefore, it is easier and more interesting to get acquainted with gamblers. Even if you make the first step, he will certainly reciprocate because he is interested in how it all ends.

However, this can be risky if you are not ready to go all the way. As a rule, flirting with a gambling man will be so bright and fun that you won’t even notice how he takes over the control of the situation. Indeed, you may not be able to get out of the way by losing your position. However, it may not be necessary, because with a gambler you will never be bored. Besides, men with such a personality are more relaxed about money. Therefore, you can be sure that they will not skimp on the beloved’s gifts. This is what it’s like to date a gambler!

Finally, when dating a risky guy, you should be prepared that at some point he will offer to break loose and go to Las Vegas or Nice, drink champagne, admire the sunsets and, of course, make a couple of bets. However, with all the advantages, a gambler has several drawbacks. The main problem is an addiction which is called ludomania. In our article about Responsible Gambling Tips, you can read more about how to avoid it. So if you completely do not share his aspirations to put everything at stake and live a moment, you should either accept him like that or initially pass by. Otherwise, check several online casinos in the US. Maybe you will meet a man of your dreams in one of the online poker rooms in Intertops.

what it’s like to date a gambler
He can even give you betting advice

Tips on dating gamblers

What not to do if you date a gambler:

  1. Never offer to quit gambling. If this is his passion, then let him enjoy it. Of course, when a hobby becomes a serious addiction, you should take action. In other cases, an occasional visit to the Intertops casino won’t hurt anyone.
  2. Don’t tell him how to gamble. Unless of course, you are not a professional gambler either. If you do not have enough experience and knowledge to give advice, do not do this. It will only annoy your beloved one.
  3. Do not pull the blanket over yourself. This tip is good for tense moments in the relationship. If a gambler tries to share his problems with you, it will be very difficult for him to do this if you start talking about yours. It might seem that you do not care about the feelings of your partner.
  4. Do not sympathize with his losses. This is the most difficult truth that you will have to learn. Each time your partner loses, there is no way you can help. Your spoiled mood can make the situation even worse and your sympathy won’t help him in any way. Therefore, at such moments you should turn into a strong shoulder on which he could lean. Now you know what it’s like to date a gambler – and it’s not that easy!

What to do if you date a gambler:

  1. Be a good listener. It means to show your patience and attention. Moreover, in no case blame your partner. It will just spoil your relationship.
  2. Encourage him for his achievements. Especially if he is the main source of income in the family. A man is genetically tuned to be a getter and protector. Therefore, failures in gambling often scare him, as they put these roles behind. That’s why try to be supportive and notice all his victories even minor ones.
  3. Take a chance to get closer. We are sure that the goal of any close relationship is to establish contact and develop together. If you can listen to your partner and accept him and his hobby even when he loses, he will want to do the same for you. These things will eventually make your partner a more patient and loving person.

This is what you should know about what it’s like to date a gambler. By the way, all these tips can be applied to any person in your life. We hope our article will help you to find your real love and establish a good relationship with your partner. Visit the Intertops casino to check if your destiny is waiting for you there. Good luck!

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