Online Dominoes – The Complete Guide

Since the 12th century, people of al walks of life have been playing dominoes. The fact that it has survived virtually untouched all these years is a testament to what a really great game it is. Today the game is played in halls, parks and, of course at home. Now we live in an internet age, you can find the game online on any number of web sites.And it's this relatively new online presence that has propelled online dominoes to become one of the most popular games in the world.

online dominoes

The Basics – Tiles and Sets

As you all probably already know, dominoes are played with a number of rectangle pieces, known as tiles. These make up a set, in the same way, that a number of playing cards make up a deck. Imagine that each playing card is a single tile and the set is the deck. It’s thought that the game has its origins in Ancient China at around the 12th century. These consisted of a number of different combinations that could be rolled like dice. Each tile had two numbers painted on it and together these represented 21 different possible combinations. For example, a tile with 2 sixes, would represent the rolling of 2 sixes.

Most of the domino set you to find today use 28 tiles, double-six set. The rectangular tiles are split down the middle with a line with black dots or pips representing the numbers. The actual tiles are made from a variety of materials including ivory, bone, wood, stone, and ceramic clay. Most of the sets you’ll find today on general sale are actually made from hard plastic. You can find sets which are larger than 28 tile sets, and these are for accommodating more players.

Online Dominoes: A Few Basic Terms

When a tile has two different numbers on it, then it’s called by both numbers and in either direction. So a tile could be a 2-6 or conversely, a 6-2. Tiles with the same values are called doubles.

online dominoes
Dominos are popular gambling tools

Playing Online Dominoes

There are essentially tow different experiences waiting for the online dominoes player. At one set of web sites, you play to pay money. And on the other type of sites, they are proper gambling sites and you can deposit funds and actually gamble with real money. Though the game remains the same on both types of the web site, they obviously fulfill different needs. Let’s have a deeper look into them.

Online Dominoes: “Games” Sites

These sites cater to players of all ages. The aim is to create a fun atmosphere and as such, there is strictly no gambling allowed. These games can often be downloaded as apps, just like you’d download any game to pass a few minutes playing. You’ll notice that these sites require nothing from you. You don’t need to sign up or give them any of your details. There’s no need to create an account in order to play. So, if you’re looking to start to play online dominoes or want some harmless fun to pass the time, then these types of sites are perfect for you. They cost nothing and don’t require any real commitment from you. Just play and then move on. Simple.

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Commit To The Game

And that last point is, in reality, a downside to playing dominoes. Because there’s really no commitment to the game, then there’s really little chance of getting any better. You’ll be up against other players equally non-committed, so don’t be surprised if many, just get up and leave halfway through the game. Like you, they’re not really taking it seriously. But that can become a little irritating after a while. There’s very little fun without some decent competition.

Online Gambling Sites for Dominoes

Online gambling sites in the US represent the second option for players of dominoes. But keep in mind that you’ll need to be over 18 years of age in order to play. You can play with both large and small stakes and the whole playing experience is pretty much totally different from playing just for fun. Because of the more serious nature that naturally follows people who are playing with their own real money, then you’ll find that everyone here is taking the game of online dominoes much more seriously. To that end, you’ll find a much more authentic opponent to play against, simply because there’s money on the line. Even games where the stakes are just $1 or $2 offer a tangible excitement that you won’t find among amateurs.

Money Makes The Game

Because the whole experience is absolutely authentic, you’ll be able to practice real-time strategy and focus on improving your gameplay. And let’s be honest here. This is really the only way to play. If you’re in a game that’s just for fun, then your opponents can spend the whole game bluffing or simply going all in every round. But the moment there’s money on the line, well, at that point everyone sits up and takes notice. Players become more careful and actually start to think about strategy and this is what allows you to grow and become a better player.

online dominoes
A good coffee next to a big victory

In this way, online dominoes is actually very similar to poker. If you play for fun, you’ll notice that the players do things that they would never think of doing if this was a “real” game and for real money. But throw down a few dollars and watch the atmosphere change. And just because people start to play more seriously, doesn’t mean that the fun and excitement come to an end. Quite the opposite in fact.

Online Dominoes: Play Seriously

The point we’re trying to make is that you want to be playing a proper and serious game when you play online dominoes. It’s true that online you’ll find any number of “free sites” where you can play with others across the web. But to enjoy the game, you’ll be needing players who stick to the rules, and not just make it up as they go along. Likewise, you’ll e wanting to play against players who, like you, want to play and improve. All this means is that you’re better off moving over to games where there’s real money at stake. remember, that once you get good at this level, there are many levels of skill above you for you to try. If there’s no effort involved, then how can you grow to become a better player? Well, simply put, you can’t.

Recommended Sites

Finding the right site for dominoes gambling is not difficult. It’s really just the same process you’d go through if you were looking for any gambling site. First of all, you want to check the site’s license as this tells you how safe your money will be and whether you’ll be able to cash out your winnings. Secondly, look at how they handle money, how easy is it to deposit funds and withdraw them. Check out what currencies they accept. If thee are any welcome bonuses and what hoops you might have to jump through in order to secure them. We recommend that you do some research on each and every site before you decide to put down any cash. Then you’ll know you can get on with playing without carrying any doubts in the back of your mind.

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