Denmark Vs Sweden Drowned Out By FIFA & The IAAF

Denmark vs Sweden scandals

There simply isn’t a bigger match for Scandinavians that Denmark Vs Sweden. The two teams have quite the little rivalry between them and typically that would be stoked up ahead of any fixture twixt the two by the sporting press and local media, but despite the two meeting up in a crucial Euro 2016 play-off match this weekend, it hasn’t been receiving quite the usual level of press coverage in either nation.

Denmark Vs Sweden

• Euro 2016 play-offs
• Denmark 3.30
• Sweden 2.35

Looking at the sporting headlines those that like to bet on sports in Sweden could be forgiven for thinking that everyone in FIFA is on the take and everyone in the IAAF is on drugs. The German head of football fell on his sword taking political, although not personal, responsibility for a half dozen million that was paid to FIFA, and the entire Russian athletics world is in danger of being shunned by the world for being more drug ridden than Rush Limbaugh.

This sporting scandal storm has somewhat over-shadowed the impending Denmark vs Sweden match that will decide which of these long time local rivals moves forward in the Euro 2016 competition by actually being able to turn up in France next year. Headlines that would normally be stoking nationalistic fervor on both sides of the border now bemoaning the bottomless depths of corruption within FIFA, and the seemingly state sponsored doping of athletes.

Whilst they should be reporting the pearls of wisdom from the great of the good ahead of the Denmark vs Sweden play-offs they are instead muttering about Vitaly Mutko the Russian sports minister that has been so rounded criticized by the recent report into doping in athletics. Mutko is in doubly deep given that he’s not only apparently been handing out steroids to runners, but is also a FIFA executive committee member and helped buy organize the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Denmark Vs Sweden All But Forgotten?

Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko

Russia and drugs don’t mix, apparently

Now it’s somewhat of a shame that you can’t take advantage of Swedish gambling laws and wager on which scandal will do which sport the most damage with many predicting that the on-going revelations in both sports are just the tip of the iceberg. Betting on it at ComeOn! Sportsbook or similar could be the only way in which we the public benefit from these scandals that, somewhat annoyingly, lend themselves as arguments for a wholly ugly future where Denmark vs Sweden would be overseen by forces far more sinister than FIFA..

Greg Dyke, head of the English FA, told the UK Parliament he’d like to remove FIFA entirely and start all over again, not out of some vindictive spite but just that he couldn’t see a way to reform it adequately whilst it was still in place, still in control, still in power. The same almost certainly applies to the IAAF too where Lord Coe recently took over the top job after being a deputy for years, meaning he’s either corrupt himself or just wholly inept and ignorant of what goes on. Either way…..

So then with these institutions now tarnished beyond redemption, what will replace them? Oh they’ll keep their names and some of their organizational roles, but you can bet that even now the big name sponsors of sporting events like the World Cup and Olympic games are insisting before they dole out any more money some of them are placed in a position of oversight to prevent this sort of thing happening again and making their brands look associated with corruption and criminality.

Corporate Take Over Of Amateur Sports By Stealth?

Rutherford Raiders PornHub jersey

Nothing subtle about this corporate takeover..

Denmark vs Sweden is a ridiculously important match up for these two teams, they’ve a history, a rivalry, an entirely soap-opera-esque back-story, and yet their impending two legged play-off is being sidelined by a constant stream of revelations that threaten to spread. Cycling, Football, Athletics….what’s next? Corruption in tennis? Drug taking in crown green bowling? Pay-offs made by gambling syndicates to guarantee favorable results in curling?

Sponsors like Adidas, that recently unveiled new kits for both teams, will want the scandals stopped, they might care little for whatever corruption or drug taking goes on, they’ll just want it to stop hitting the headlines. Even now they’re gambling news coverage will not focus on how much money sponsors have paid officials to gain sponsorship deals, and they’ll more than likely win that bet. The corporate sponsors don’t care about cheating or corruption in sport, they just care that people get caught.

The future of sports governance now hangs in the balance and the corporate world will take full advantage of the weakened state of these damaged organizations to gain as much control as they can under the pretense of objectivity At ComeOn! Sportsbook you can get odds of 3.30 on Denmark to win the first leg, 2.35 on Sweden coming out victorious, but you won’t find anyone anywhere willing to give you odds on just which sport’s leadership will next fall victim to their own greed and stupidity.

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