The Dice Man Review

  • Just who is the protagonist?
  • Could you live your life based on the throw of a dice
  • It's really about philosophy
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Here’s my Dice Man Review. Do you ever feel unable to make a decision? Or move on with an important change in the life? Do you need an extra push to get things moving?

Introduction: The Dice Man Review

This is the story of such a man. A man whose life decisions are all based on the role of a dice. You can do the same with Bovoda. As you can imagine, things start out benign enough. Starting with mischievous pranks, as the novel proceeds, the author’s actions become yet more and more extreme. Not surprisingly, the book was seen as subversive, as having “anti-psychiatry sentiment”. Other’s thought it was a reflection of a more permissive 1970’s society. Because the story escalates into both murder and rape, the book was banned in several countries.


The Dice Man, GamingZion.com, Luke Rhinehart, online casinos, online gambling, online poker sites in the US, The Dice Man Review
       George Cockcroft or “Luke Rhinehart”

Use The Force Luke!

In 1971, the English Professor George Cockcroft wrote the The Dice Man under the pen name of Luke Rhinehart. When it was published, the public were unsure as to whether it was a work of fiction or autobiographical. Adding to the confusions was the fact that both the protagonist and the author were both psychiatrist. Both lived at the same residence, shared the same birthday and enjoyed the many of the same qualities. Since it was published this similarity has puzzled a generation of readers. When first released, it bore the subheading: “Few novels can change your life. This one will.” It quickly became a cult classic, selling over 2 million copies in many languages. Initially it sold poorly in the States. But sales in Europe gave it a huge commercial success. In the last 45 years, it has become a famous book, with cult like devoted fans.

Coffee Or Tea?

Reading the Dice Man is like reading the autobiography of a clever but bored and depressed New York psychiatrist, Luke Rhinehart. In modern parlance he’d be described as a “nerd.” Looking for freedom or nihilism, he begins to make decisions based on the roll of the die. I guess he’d be checking out these online gambling sites in the US. Rather than him giving the dice options, it’s the other way around. He offers the dice options and then it’s the dice that chooses him. The dice makes him tell the patients what he really thinks of them. Soon his every decision is determined by the dice, leading to family betrayal, self destruction and death.

The Dice Man, GamingZion.com, Luke Rhinehart, online casinos, online gambling, online poker sites in the US, The Dice Man Review
The Dice Man Review

Rape Or Murder?

Imagine if one were to choose to live in such a manner. Using a twisted rationalization to enable your every choice be determined by chance. The dice enables Luke to find a philosophical view to his actions and soon enough he has formulated the beginnings of a religion. In some ways he’s able to cast off his identity and embrace a life free of all inhibitions. Like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho except from a different era. Both characters are looking for meaning in the void of their existence. And both find catharsis on their journey. I guess Luke would gamble freely. And probably use this list of online gambling sites in the US.

The Dice Man Review: Nihilism For Nerds

Depending on your humor, you might find a grim chuckle here and there. But on a deeper level, it’s a work of subversive irony, with a design to make you feel uncomfortable. It gets under your skin and stays with you. The book makes you question why you make the decisions that you do. Part of it’s appeal is that it quietly invites you to re-examine future choices, and in so doing, helps you open your mind to greater possibilities. Like betting at Bovada. I would certainly recommend it, but best put on your philosopher’s hat before starting. And hide any dice you might have lying around. I hope you enjoyed this Dice Man review.

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