EHF Women’s CL QF Odds Favor Top Teams to Win

  • First legs of the quarterfinals in the 2020-21 Women’s EHF CL are held next weekend
  • Brest, Gyori Audi and Rostov-Don are predicted to win easily
  • CSM Bucuresti face the most difficult task against CSKA Moscow
EHF Women's CL QF odds

The 2020-21 Women’s EHF Champions League continues next week with the first legs of the quarterfinals. We can find all top favorites in the last eight teams. From defending champions, Gyori Audi ETO to Russian star team Rostov-Don. The EHF Women’s CL QF odds predict their easy victory already in the first games. While the most exciting tie looks to be held between CSM Bucuresti and CSKA Moscow. 

Following the change of format during the season, all teams from the group stage got through to the playoff in the women’s handball champions league. It meant an extra game for everyone which might be a deciding factor at a later stage. For now though all favorites qualified to the last eight. Maybe the Hungarian side, FTC-Rail Cargo’s defeat was the biggest surprise. They were knocked out by ZRK Budocnost. But the other Hungarian team, Gyori Audi ETO was very confident so far just like their main rivals. Teams will continue the tournament next weekend in the quarterfinals, with the first legs being held on the 3rd and 4th of April. Except the Vipers vs Rostov game which will be held on the 10th of April, in Russia. Followed by the second leg the next day.

EHF Women’s CL QF odds favor Bucuresti against CSKA

EHF Women's CL QF odds
Kovacsics Aniko from Gyor – Csonka Tamás, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As we mentioned, the most balanced tie of the quarterfinals is the pair of Romanian CSM Bucuresti and Russian side CSKA Moscow. The home team is favored to win the first game with the odds of 1.71. But online sportsbooks in Russia don’t rule out the guests’ win either and offer the odds of 2.745 for CSKA’s win. Bucuresti knocked out Valcea on an all-Romanian clash in the last 16. Mostly thanks to their top player, Cristina Neagu who scored her 100th goal of the season in the last game. She could be a key player against CSKA as well and help her team to reach the semi-finals again after 2018.

CSKA Moscow will play their first quarterfinal of the Champions League as this is their debut season in the tournament. The Russian team finished third in the domestic league last season earning a place in the CL. And so far  they managed to meet the level of the other teams and got to the last eight. While the other Russian team, Rostov-Don are also in the quarterfinals after defeating Croatian Vegeta confidently in the last 16. They are one of the top favorites to win the tournament but first they need to knockout Vipers. Online gambling sites in Russia favor them to do so on home soil now.

Gyor and Brest should win their first games

The five-time Champions League winner Gyori Audi ETO will face ZRK Budocnost in the quarterfinal, first in Podgorica. The EHF Women’s CL QF odds strongly favor them to win the game with the odds of 1.18. The Hungarian champions have been the biggest favorites to win the whole tournament and they are still. They won Group B after not losing any game in the group stage. And defeated German Bietigheim in the last 16 easily, 69-48 on aggregate. Gyor will face a more difficult task now against Budocnost who knocked out FTC in the previous round. But the Montenegrin side’s victory would still be a huge surprise. It has the odds of 7.00 on 1xBet. 

The other top team in the last eight, French side Brest will play against the other French team, Metz in the quarterfinals. The home team has the odds of 1.54 to win the first game and 7.00 to win the tournament. Brest also has a top goalscorer in Ana Gros who has already scored 104 goals in this season. They reached the quarter-final for the second consecutive time after knocking out Danish Esbjerg in the last 16. Their opponent, Metz, qualified for the last eight without playing after Dortmund didn’t travel to their games. This extra break might help them to perform better and challenge Brest in their tie. Their odds to win the first game is 3.28 at the moment.

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