Emelianenko vs Bader Predictions and Betting Tips

26th of January is going to be a special day for Ryan Bader. First, he is going to face Russian heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko. Second, he has the opportunity to hold Bellator belts simultaneously. That means an opportunity to be the first fighter to ever hold multiple belts. Emelianenko vs Bader predictions is currently available on 22Bet Sportsbook.

Emelianenko vs Bader Predictions and Betting Tips
Emelianenko vs Bader Predictions
Win Odds
Fedor Emelianenko 2.13
Ryan Bader 1.35
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Bader has a high chance to make history

Ryan Bader
Many believe Bader is in his twenties, although he is actually 35

Jair Lourenco, Ryan Bader’s coach is convinced, that the combat in Los Angeles is their chance to make history. Lourenco moved to Arizona in 2016 in order to coach Bader. Apparently, he does not regret his decision, quite the contrary. They make a good team, as Bader loves to train and takes good care of himself. He is a true champion and has everything that it takes to continue on being successful.

Many believe Bader is in his twenties, although he is actually 35. Since speed is one of the keys to reaching victory, Bader is not going to get any heavier for this clash. The titleholder weights a bit over 100kg.

Bader does well in five-round fights, so the tactic is most likely to have extended combat. A continuous attack with high pressure is the plan, which will hopefully end with submitting Emelianenko or knocking him out. Ryan Bader’s odds for winning are 1.35 on 22Bet Sportsbook.

Fedor is a fighter that everyone has looked up to

Respecting the opponent is necessary for a sheer battle. However, vouching for too high respect can turn into a disadvantage. Fedor’s reputation can make him invincible. In order to be victorious, Bader has to get past the guy he had watched on VHS tapes during his college days. Since then, Bader has won “The Ultimate Fighter” before moving on to a title-winning Bellator run.

Emilianenko, the 42-year-old legend who weights over 100 kg, is a former PRIDE champion. ‘The Last Emperor’ is still a major attraction in the MMA scene. Online gambling news sites in the United States considered him the best fighter on the planet after sending Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to the ground in 2003. From that moment on, Emelianenko had a dominant position in every fight.

He faced Sonnen in the semifinal and managed to win with a knockout in the first round. Important to mention that Sonnen is also past his prime. Being 41, he’s almost the same age as the Russian.

Bader sets his mind for winning the combat

After Emelianenko initially retired in 2012 he issued a comeback, but he is said to be past his prime. Critics say he is not the contender he used to be, but he can still surprise his fans. Fedor’s odds for winning are estimated 2.205. One thing sure, Bader is aiming for winning the combat. He has the mentality of a winner, he is not putting Emelianenko on a pedestal.

The current Emelianenko vs Bader predictions suggest that we can expect a high-level fight full of hard hits. The Bellator 214 event going to be a real gem between true champions. Heavyweight World Grand Prix Final clash The Bellator 214 clash is definitely an unmissable battle.

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