Emma Jørgensen; Could The Olympic Kayak Queen Come From Denmark?

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The waters might be so polluted that even people in Flint Michigan are wincing at the sight of them but nothing is going to stop Emma Jørgensen as she pursues that gold medal in the Rio Olympics this summer and the Danish Sports Federation is helping her get there. The question is, how well will she do and should you bet on her to win?

Emma Jørgensen

  • EJSC 200m, 500m & 1k
  • WJSC 200m & 500m
  • WC K-2 1000m

Although demonstrated at the Paris Olympics of 1924 Canoeing only entered the Olympic Games proper in the now somewhat historically tainted 1936 event in Berlin. There’s a pair of disciplines, Slalom and Sprint, and two styles of canoe, with one of them called a Kayak. The difference is a question of sitting position and paddle blades, something Emma Jørgensen could explain far better.

Lest it be said Emma Jørgensen is a rising star in the Kayak side of the competition and those of you that like to bet on sports in Denmark may well think her worth a punt come the Olympic Games in Rio this Summer as she’s done nothing but flourish over the last couple of years in pursuit of a good showing on the somewhat dubiously polluted waters of the picturesque Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, a test event at which gave all the competitors vomiting & diarrhea due to its severe toxicity. Lovely.

Back Emma Jørgensen In Rio At Bet365 This Summer

Sprint Events In Rio

  • Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon
  • Severe water pollution
  • Test event poisonings

Emma Jørgensen hails from just north of Copenhagen in Bagsvaerd, and demonstrated a natural talent for the sport early on, being part of the pair that won the European Junior Sprint Championships in 2012 and getting silver with the other three of the K-4 crew. However it was a year later that she displayed the winning ways that have set her on a path for success in Rio this summer.

Henriette Engel Hansen

Henriette Engel Hansen, Jørgensen’s Kayak Partner   (Photo: Politiken)

She won both the 200m and 500m World Junior Sprint Championship events in 2013, and then in 2014 Emma Jørgensen successfully defended both those titles, won all three European Junior Sprint events and took the U-23 500m win too, as well as a World Championship win in the 1000m Kayak Double event with Henriette Hansen. If you’re in Denmark gambling news will be of her winning in Rio, you may well be right.

Danish Olympic Hopeful Backed By Sports Body

The Danes know a good thing when they see it and she gained a scholarship from Købstædernes Insurance to assist with training costs as one of their brightest Olympic hopes in Rio this summer, and despite still continuing to work at her day job she says that; “My day is about spending my time most effectively. If I can minimize any down time I can devote more time to my training.” And Emma Jørgensen expects to hit her peak in Brazil.

Emma Jørgensen hovered outside the medals in 2015, both the European Championships and World Cup events not swinging her way, but Rio will be different, if only because there won’t be a competitor on the water that wants to spend a moment longer than necessary near that toxic sludge. Should you take advantage of Danish gambling laws to back Emma Jørgensen this summer at Bet365, you may well be pleasantly surprised as there’s a medalist just waiting to get out of this young athlete.

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