eSports Sponsorship Deal Announced: Betway Partners up with Ninjas in Pyjamas

Betway eSports Sponsorship Ninjas in Pyjamas

eSports sponsorship deals like this one are not made every day: Betway partners up with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The online sportsbook in the UK is the very first online sportbook based in the European island that has ever made an eSports sponsorship deal. And they didn’t start small: they partnered up with Ninjas in Pyjamas. No, not with tiny Japanese fighters who are about to sleep. It’s one of the best eSports teams nowadays.

How the eSports sponsorship deal will work

Would you like to know what it means for Betway Sportsbook? Well, they will have their brand name and logo printed on each Ninjas in Pyjamas shirts. In addition, they will also be given permission to full player access as well as onsite branding at the team’s gaming house. And let’s not forget about the fact that they also own the content usage rights.

Betway are a pioneer sportsbook…

It is not the first time that Betway has done something pretty impressive which might have seemed lunatic at first but ended up being rather well rewarding for them. The latest gambling news in the UK were all about the online sportsbook prolonging its partnership with Premier League club West Ham United. WHU representatives expect huge boost in their marketing statistics thanks to this deal.

However, they also have further agreements and sponsorship deals with different platforms. For example, last year they partnered up with the UK sports radio station talkSPORT in hopes of increasing their brand name, but they are and will also be main sponsors of the Snooker UK Championship until 2017.

Betway Sportsbook’s decisions might be creating some controversy, but apparently they are pretty much worth it. Otherwise, why would they continue sponsoring new and new things and why would the online sportsbook invest in eSports sponsoring? Their new partnership with the Ninjas in Pyjamas is expected to be another one of their latest success.

If you would also like to be member of a successful company like this and take some money as well, feel free to click on our Betway review and learn more about the gambling destination. The popular online sportsbook is expecting to see new online betting players with some great bonuses, don’t miss out on them!

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