EURO Qualifiers Matchday 6 – Betting Preview (June 12-14)

UEFA European Championships

Make sure to check out the internationals encounters in this weekend’s EURO qualifiers.

Matchday 6 is set to take place over the next three days, and the first games will be played tonight all around Europe. The national football sides are all hoping to reach the finals in France next year, however there is limited space as only 24 will be admitted to the prestigious tournament. Current defending champions Spain will play Belarus on Sunday and the odds are in their favor.

• Croatia will defend its lead against Italy
• Belgium travel to Wales for a thrilling game
• Iceland will host Czech Republic

Tonight, a total of 9 matches are on the agenda, so punters will have plenty of opportunities to make a killing with their wagers. Gambling news reports that Czech Republic will square off against Iceland on the road, while Wales will take on Belgium at home – a game that should be rather thrilling considering the great players present within each team. Perhaps the greatest encounter today come from the Croatia vs Italy match, as both sides have proven to showcase solid football during the qualifiers so far.

Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Israel and Iceland vs Czech Republic

Bosnia Herzegovina Israel

Bosnia are favorites to start collecting much-needed points at last

Bosnia & Herzegovina are playing in Group B and so far they haven’t collected much points. They sit in 5th place with only 5 points to their name with the goal difference being -1 (5 goals for and 6 against). Belgium are first in the group with a total of 11 points, so they are the team to beat. The odds for the hosts overcoming Israel are quite good 1.67 (2/3) per Bet365, as they will have the support from the home crowd.

The travelling side are located 2 places above Bosnia in 3rd, boasting 9 points from 5 games so far in the qualifiers. They managed to win 3 games, but have also blundered on occasion, losing 2 in the process. Israel doesn’t always play well while on the road, which is the reason why they have been assigned unfavorable chances 5.75 (19/4). A draw between them can also happen as Bosnia is prone to making mistakes, for which the odds are 4.00 (3/1).

Aaron Gunnarson foul Rosicky

The Vikings mean business

Group A boasts teams like Czech Republic, Iceland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Latvia and Kazakhstan. The most surprising team in this batch of countries has emerged to be Iceland, as they currently hold second position on the table with a remarkable 12 points. So far they won on 4 occasions and suffered only 1 loss. If it weren’t for the Czech Republic, they would have been first. Considering that the two best teams of Group A will play one another tonight, it should lead to an exciting match.

The Czechs are undefeated in the qualifiers claiming 13 points thanks to 4 wins and 1 draw overall. They are among the favorites to enter the tournament next season and represent their nation on the grand stage in France. Mobile betting sites have given Iceland underdog odds 2.90 (19/10) due to the fact that they are second in the group and the Czechs are enjoying a good form. The visiting country is the favorite with their odds being 2.70 (17/10). A tie for the game 3.25 (9/4) is perhaps the most likely event, considering the recent performance of both sides in recent encounters.

Wales vs Belgium and Croatia vs Italy

Belgium Wales

Belgium seeking to move in front of the group

Wales is preparing to face Belgium at home in what is looking to be a thrilling encounter. Both sides are level on points (11), however Marc Wilmots’ team are first thanks to their better records throughout the qualifying campaign so far. In 5 games they scored an astonishing 13 goals, while conceding only 1. That is why placing a bet on one of the powerful attackers scoring might prove a worthwhile wager. The odds for them beating the Welsh stand at a cool 1.80 (4/5), and judging by their overall squad they will most probably clinch a win, although you never know…

Gareth Bale will be the main man for his team and will do everything in his power to disrupt the plans set forth by the Belgians. The Welsh weren’t as successful as the visiting team, as they scored only 7 in 5 games, while letting in 2 goals in the process. Despite the fact that they will be playing at home tonight, their odds of success are quite minimal 5.25 (17/4). A tie may be on the cards as two of the group’s biggest teams will meet. A draw stands at 3.60 (13/5) according to the Bet365 Sportsbook review, so perhaps punters might want to consider placing a wager on this event.

Croatia Italy screaming

Please don’t upset Gianluigi Buffon, consider his advanced age

In Group H, Croatia will face a test at home against Italy, however the local fans won’t be able to attend the match to support their nation as FIFA imposed a ban due to certain controversies. The Croats are being led by former player Niko Kovac, who initially took over the duties as Croatia manager before the World Cup in Brazil last summer. Their qualifying efforts have been quite impressive, as he managed to organize the entire squad. They carry 13 points from 5 games, with a goal scoring record of 15 for and only 2 against.

Italy have been equally impressive clinching second place in the group with a total of 11 points. They won 3 games while recording a draw against Croatia in November and also a 2-2 tie against Bulgaria earlier in the year. Now they are preparing for a crunch game that could be decisive, as they could hand Croatia a big lead if they happen to lose. The Azzurri are considered underdogs for the game 3.10 (21/10), while a draw has been given the same odds 3.10 (21/10), according to online sportsbooks in EU. Croatia are therefore viewed as the favorite side to win the match 2.60 (8/5).

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