Famous Athletes Who Doped To Win

Famous athletes who doped are as common as flies. Doping appears to be so universal across all sports it's a wonder that these drug companies don't have their names written up in bright lights as main event sponsors. And though there are those lame people who blame everyone else apart from their beloved athlete, it's really down to individual responsibility. Yes, there's a massive pressure from the fans and from the whole media circus that surrounds so many world class events. And that pressure to maintain the lead, to win again and again, it a huge weight on anyone shoulders.

famous athletes who doped

Introduction: Famous Athletes Who Doped

But doping is a choice. These athletes didn’t have their trainer secretly putting steroids or whatever into their cornflakes every morning unbeknownst to them. No sir, they did it to themselves. Here are some of the more famous ones. But for everyone caught, there are countless out there still playing with the added edge of performance enhancing drugs.

Maria Sharapova

She spent 11 years at the top and was the highest paid female athlete in the world. Then in 2016, she tested positive for a banned substance during the Australian Open. It transpired that she’d been taking Meldonium for the last of those 10 years. She claimed it was for health reasons. So, let’s get this right, the world champion would not question the legality of a substance that could get her banned? And all that hard work would of come to nothing? She was quite rightly banned from tennis for 10 years. But, she’s attractive and has thousands of fans. Attractive people are better for sponsors. And all sport is just about money. And so, just a year later her ban was overturned and she was free to play tennis again after a 15 month period. Kept all the money and all the trophies. A horrible person.

Famous Athletes Who Doped: Lance Armstrong

One of the worst human beings to walk the planet. For many years Lance Armstrong denied ever taking any form of drug enhancement to help him to all those wins. He would regularly threaten court action and abuse those that spoke up against him. Cycling had, after all, made him a very rich man indeed, so firing off letters from lawyers threatening to sue those making the allegations for millions seemed to work. For a long time. Then in 2013, the US Anti-Doping Agency released more than 1,000 pages of documentary proof. He later admitted to using a huge cocktail of every forbidden substance known to cycling. His 7 Tour de France medals were stripped from him as well as his Olympic bronze. Of all the famous athletes who doped, Armstrong is the worst. Totally punchable face.

Marion Jones

famous athletes who doped
Marion Jones in 2006 – Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tfa/ Thomas Faivre-Duboz / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

This one made a career of cheating starting with her high school athletics results. After winning, she missed the random drugs test and was promptly banned for 4 years. But, her lawyer managed to overturn this. She went on to win 5 Olympic medals at the 2000 Australian games in Sydney. Then everything fell apart when her husband tested positive for steroids. In October of 2007, she finally admitted to lying to federal agents about her use of drugs. She gave up her medals and simply retired. Prison did catch up with her in 2010 when she did a five month stint for all those lies to the Fed. Funnily enough, during her time inside she wrote a book which garnered her million of $’s as well as managing to sue her former drug supplier.

Bill Romanowski

This guy was a player for the San Francisco 49’s, the Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, and Oakland Raiders between 1988 and his retirement in 2003. He enjoyed a long and illustrious career being known as “one of the dirtiest players” in professional sports history. Like Marion Jones, he was also a customer of BALCO labs who supplied him with the same anabolic steroid that she was using. Initially, he and his wife were arrested for prescription drug fraud. Those charges didn’t stick. It was only after his retirement that he finally admitted his drug use.

Famous Athletes Who Doped: Shane Warne

The archetype Aussie loudmouthed lad, he shocked the world of cricket when he got himself sent home during the test series of 2003. He had tested positive for diuretics which are substances used to mask the use of other drugs. Of course, he claimed ignorance. later, after a positive test, Warne was banned from professional cricket for, yes, you’ve guessed it….a whole year! Oh…but he was allowed to play charity matches. Though the Australian public didn’t really seem to care, some of his teammates expressed their frustration. He finally retired from professional cricket in 2013 according to the online sportsbooks news in the UK. Once a cheat, always a cheat.

Justin Gatlin

Another famous athlete who doped to win. His career as a world-class sprinter has always been dogged by doping suspicions, accusations, and bans. In 2001, his first ban was for 2 years. He had tested positive for amphetamines. Later he was to get the ban overturned by claiming the drugs were for his ADHD. But the boy can’t stay clean for long. In 2006, he was again banned, this time for 8 years. He agreed to this as part of a deal that saw him co-operate with authorities with regard to a criminal investigation of his sources. But once again that ban was reduced and he was back on the racetrack by 2010. The funny part is that now he’s running faster at 32 years of age than he was as a young man on dope. If it walks and talks like a duck, it probably is.

famous athletes who doped
Justin Gatlin in 2012 – Image source: Flickr

Famous Athletes Who Doped: Sammy Sosa

The great all-round American baseball player seemed unstoppable. Until 2009 that is. It turned out that he had tested positive for doping way back in 2003 but the results had remained hidden. he even had the gall to testify before the US Congress in 2005, saying, “To be clear, I have never taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs.” he is still denying it to this day. But his efforts to get onto the Baseball Hall of Fame are not gonna be happening. He needs the American Sports Writers Association to vote by more than 75% to be included, but last year’s vote saw him score a miserly 12%. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

In conclusion, in the world of betting, you must be sure that you only wager on athletes who truly believe in Fairplay to make sure that a doping scandal won’t take your prize. Since online sportsbook sites in the UK neither like scandals.

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