Fanny Lecluyse Is Probably On The Wagon For Rio

Fanny Lecluyse

Fanny Lecluyse has made her mistakes but now she’s back on form she’s looking to put the past behind her and leave the opposition in her wake in the 200m Breaststroke at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games this summer.

Fanny Lecluyse

  • Nationality – Belgian
  • Age – 24
  • Sport – Swimming

Participating in the Olympics can teach many things. The honor and fairplay of competition, the agony of defeat and the ecstasy of winning, the dedication and hard work it requires and the sacrifice that goes into just getting there are all valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. As would, I suspect, getting sent home early from the 2012 Olympics having swum to a disappointing 19th in the heats and then drinking to excess and exhibiting what was later called “Inappropriate behavior”. Just ask Fanny Lecluyse.

Olympic Swimming

  • Included since 1896
  • 2nd Largest Event
  • O. Aquatics Center

Of course back in 2012 she was just 20 years old and we all make mistakes, getting hammered and being a bit rowdy is hardly the worst thing someone’s done, but the apparently in Belgium gambling news coverage of a drunken silliness can be laughed off is a fool’s wager, which is a bit uptight of them and a shame for Fanny Lecluyse, although Belgium is not alone in having a pearl-necklace clutching holier-than-thou gutter media pretending its the arbiter of judgment whilst they themselves lie, spy and hope people die. She was drunk, they made out she embarrassed a nation – which is their job.

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Four years on and Fanny Lecluyse is older, wiser, and back once again swimming for Belgium at the Olympics, this time not in London but in Rio where, you’d think, she’ll be a far more serious and sober young lady, which is a bit of a shame really, after all the effort these shiny faced youngers go to get there it seems so churlish to make a fuss about them having some fun once its all over for them, just look at the fuss they made about Michael Phelps smoking weed, and that was after he got home!

Fanny Lecluyse

Fanny Lecluyse is more maure than 2012 (Photo: NP)

So athletes are supposed to visit Rio but not party? Gosh, doesn’t that sound grim, not quite as grim as the water pollution, possible terrorism and Zika virus, but certainly no picnic, and those supporting Fanny Lecluyse from Belgium gambling laws about lightning not striking twice are probably right, as she’ll be on her best behavior, which is apt, because she’s been on top form and training hard for these games. The 200m Breastsroke gold is well within her reach, but will she make it to the podium?

Fanny Lecluyse Won’t Be Partying In Rio This Summer

Her dazzling performance at the 2015 European Short Course Swimming Championships in Netanya, Israel, where Fanny Lecluyse blitzed home in a time of just 2:18:49 over a second ahead of Maria Astashkina of Russia and Viktoriya Zeynep Gunes from Turkey. It was at the same games that she also was just pipped by two tenths of a second by the powerful Finn Jenna Lukkanen in the 50m event only getting a silver ahead of Natalia Ivaneeva from Russia. The question is can she repeat the feat at this level?

Certainly she thinks so and if you like to bet on sports in Belgium at Bet365 she could well be a good wager for at least a podium finish, especially since you know she’ll be stone-cold sober the entire time unlike, one suspects, some of her fellow competitors. Fanny Lecluyse may well have learned her lesson, but with so much for the Olympics to distract people from this time round you can expect a few more of these lamentable incidents being blown up out of all proportion by a po-faced media willing to blame people for being young and talented enough to represent their country and wanting to have fun as well. How dare they!

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