Female Athletes to Make History in 2021: Olympic Girl Power

  • The 2021 Olympic will feature more womens than ever
  • The Summer Games have several new games and faces to pay attention to
  • Find out about the females atheltes to make history in 2021
Female Athletes to Make History in 2021

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will feature more female athletes than ever. This exciting news allows us to present to you some of the biggest young talents to represent their beloved sports and countries. See our take on the top female athletes to make history at the upcoming 2021 Summer Olympic Games! 

As International Women’s Day passed, news on female inclusion at sporting events arose. We hope such endeavours will not stop here, rather we will hear more and more inclusive strategies. Especially for the upcoming Olympic Games. The committee has announced several times that the 2020 Olympics. Regardless of postponing, will include a record number of female athletes. On that note, we should highlight the committee’s aim to feature more women of colour this year. 2020 (now 2021) Summer Olympic Games will be in Tokyo from 23 July to 8 August 2021. The Olympic Games is always one of the biggest opportunity for online gambling in the UK, as most sportsbooks will feature a great variety of betting options. From specific sports to medal specials we await the event with great excitement. To honour IWD, this article will explore all the female athletes to make history in 2021!

Declaration of the International Olympic Committee

2021 could finally be the year for gender equality in many regards. The IOC is very committed to making the 2021 Games the first-ever – truly – gender-balanced Olympic event in history. Almost 49 per cent of the athletes participating will be women, according to the IOC quota allocation. There will be a ground-breaking competition schedule ensuring equal visibility between women’s and men’s events. Furthermore, it will be featuring nine more mixed events than at Rio 2016, raising the overall number to 18. For the first time ever, all 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) should have at least one female and one male athlete in their respective Olympic teams. All 206 NOCs and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team will be encouraged to have their flag carried by one female and one male athlete at the Opening Ceremony (Source:

We hope that these policies will make it possible for female athletes to make history in 2021 in a number of disciplines. Women began competing in the Olympic Games in 1900 in Paris. Over time, the committee added more and more sports for women to compete in. Quite shockingly, it wasn’t until 2007 when the IOC affirmed that it was their responsibility to encourage the promotion of women in all sports and levels (Source: Latinasmagazine). Of course, we focus on the promising times of today, since not only more women and women of colour are included, but they also have the possibility to compete in new sporting categories– some previously dominated by male athletes.

Females to make history at the 2021 Olympics

Interestingly, data shows that female Olympic medalists are younger than their male counterparts, with an average age of 25. We listed some of the biggest young female hopes at the upcoming summer games, so make sure to memorise their names when betting on Bet365 Sportsbook. The Tokyo Olympics will surely be an interesting one for many reasons, since you will be able to bet on some newly added sports, such as breakdancing or surfing. Online sportsbooks in the UK are constantly updated as we get closer to the Games, make sure you don’t miss all the great opportunities. But now, here are the top female athletes to make history in 2021!

Women of the waves

Starting with the newly added discipline, surfing, we ought to mention Silvana Lima and Stephanie Gilmore. Silvana Lima from Team Brazil is a warrior, as the World Surf League stated. She has won eight Brazilian national titles, two world title runner-ups and the unofficial but still the pretty honourable title of Brazil’s greatest-ever female surfer. Lima has previously spoken out many times on the treatment and sexualization of female athletes and expectations on their physics. She learned to surf on a wooden plank and in a village in Brazil. If we can describe anyone as a self-made champion, it is definitely Lima.

File:Silvana Lima.jpg
Silvana Lima – Water Dancer Photos], CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Australian surfing superstar, Stephanie Gilmore can ride the most difficult waves. She is also in line for the best ever female surfer in history. The surfing superstar is from northern New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. In 2011 and 2013, she won the Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award. In 2007, while still a rookie, she won her first world title. She is officially representing Australia at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. And quite possibly will make history as a female athlete in 2021.

Eri Yamada

From Japan’s softball team, Eri Yamada will play in the homeland. Yamada made her Olympic debut at just 20-years-old at the 2004 Olympics in Athens and returned to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Although Yamada is a bronze and gold medal holder, she has faced several setbacks, such as the Olympic committee deciding not to renew softball as an Olympic sport in 2012 and 2016. She is an advocate for softball, and this year the team will finally be able to show what they have been preparing for.

Female Athletes to Make History in 2021
Eri Yamada – Dan san okc, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

 Sakura Kokumai

With karate also being added as an Olympic sport, Sakurai Kokumai will represent the US team. 2021 will be her Olympic debut, and also the first time for an American to be qualified in the sport.  She has been a member of the USA National Team since 2007. Also, she is a  Worlds bronze medalist and a Pan American and USA National Champion to name a few. She could be one of the most hopeful athletes looking to earn gold in Japan for the US.

Janja Garnbret

As we have mentioned previously, Olympic sport climbing will make its debut at the 2021 Games. Slovenian sport climber, Janja Garnbret is likely to make history as a female athlete and climber in the new category in 2021. She is the first woman to win overall titles in Lead climbing and bouldering at important competitions such as the World Athletics Championships. The category includes lead climbing, bouldering and speed climbing. As we predict, all eyes will be on Janja, since she is one of the best in speed climbing, and is likely to set a new record.

Female gymnast to make history at the 2021 Olympics

Gymnastics is the only discipline at the Olympics that females dominate, so the competition is tight. Young hope, Morgan Hurd is only 19 years old. The American has previously amazed judges with her effortless and contemporary style, and despite being one of the youngest, she is also one of the bests in her category. She won a gold medal at the World Championship and she only keeps getting better.

The debut of the Sk8ter girl

Probably one of the most exciting names at the Games will be Sky Brown. The skater prodigy is one of the youngest Olympians in history. She will compete for Great Britain at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. We could say she already made history as a female athlete in 2021, not only due to her young age but as a skater. She started skateboarding and surfing at the age of three and we can’t wait to see her live.

Of course, the mentioned female athletes are only a few of all the relentless women who will compete this summer. As we get closer to the 2021 Tokyo Games, a variety of sports betting will be available at Bet365 Sportsbook. Place your wagers on these inspiring young women!

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