Finnish Formula One Driver Collision Again In Mexico

Finnish Formula One driver Valtteri Bottas 2015 Mexico GP

The babyfaced Valtteri Bottas stood on the third podium place gurning like a toddler that had just burped particularly loud at an inappropriate moment but the Finnish formula one driver pulling facial expressions of satisfaction wasn’t the most embarrassing thing about the Mexico Grand Prix, that was reserved for its winner, Nico Rosberg who acted like the biggest winner ever in one of the largest casinos in the world 2015, rather than the three time loser he really is.

Finns Crash Again In Mexico

• Bottas & Raikkonen collide
• Raikkonen crashes off
• Bottas finishes third

Just a week after the posh boy’s car circus that is Formula One had drowned in the deluge in Texas at the United States Grand prix and Lewis Hamilton had clinched his third successive world championship title the entire kit and kaboodle met up again south of the border to zip around the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City for the first Mexican Grand Prix since 1992 and for the Finnish formula one driver pairing of Bottas and Raikkonen it was a tale of two races.

The press have been desperate to stoke a rivalry between the pair but it’s quite hard to rattle a Finnish formula one driver and neither one has taken the bait even after the summer’s rumors of the Williams driver taking the Ferrari driver’s spot at the end of the season which was frankly a tissue of over active imaginations set aflame by the machinations of the Ferrari team boss messing with Raikkonen’s head, a tactic that hasn’t appeared to glean any better results than before.

Their coming together in Russia was minor to say the very least but some in the more excitable media corners decided one Finnish formula one driver had assaulted another as part of some bizarre civil war inside F1 and attempted to use it to stoke the furnaces of fabrication and fiction, but to no avail. Those that like to bet on sports in Finland at ComeOn! Sportsbook will already be aware of the stoic nature of the Scandinavians and know this sort of thing isn’t going to work, but the press don’t give up easily.

Finnish Formula One Driver Crashes Into Finnish Formula One Driver

Bottas Raikkonen 2015 Mexican GP crash

Second coincidence embarrassingly timed as if revenge

In Russia it had been Bottas that span off as a result of their last lap collision, the Ferrari driver getting a 25 second penalty for his part post-race, but at least he got to finish. In Mexico it was the other Finnish formula one driver that found his race unexpectedly over due to an impact twixt the two of them. In Russia Raikkonen had clipped the right rear of the Williams and sent it off the track, this time was slightly different in that Bottas nudge the Ferrari and break it’s rear suspension.

The stewards quickly declared it a racing incident which forestalled a lot of the more rampant columnists breaking into the rivalry shuffle, and post race Kimi Raikkonen stonewalled magnificently under the blaze of inciting questions refusing to blame his opposing Finnish formula one racing driver for the accident putting it succinctly when he said “That’s life. What has happened, has happened.” Squarely putting the entire affair behind him.

“I don’t think there is anything to speak about,” said the senior Finnish formula one driver after a less than stellar weekend, perhaps feeling that it’s been six of one and half a dozen of the other, and Bottas taking third was justified enough, he drove a good race, but if you were Finnish gambling laws of public appearance and his baby face would make him the most childish on the podium, think again. Nico Rosberg had that position covered from the moment he crossed the line.

Nico Rosberg Embarrasses Himself With Childishness

Nico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton 2015 Mexican GP podium

Is Hamilton crushed by this meaningless defeat, or just embarrassed for Nico?

Nico’s display of childish moody crap when Lewis Hamilton took the win and title in the US of A was entirely in keeping with the immature joyless self-entitled personality he has projected throughout the last few years. His failures to beat Hamilton, now recognizably a good not merely lucky driver, seeming to grate on his soul, his lack of grace manifest and obvious to even the most casual observer and whilst the Finnish formula one driver on his left tried to smile without dribbling Nico crowed in Mexico.

One day looking back I’m sure Nico will realize what a hollow victory it was, that the season was already done and that Hamilton had spent a good proportion of the week before the Mexico Grand Prix either celebrating or recovering from celebrating, and that his team were almost begging him to win just so he’d shut up and stop being so petulant. His talent is undeniable but his manner is making him unbearable and I’m not gambling news will come in soon that he’s aware of how ghastly he is.

Thus it was that Rosberg victory in Mexico feels very much like a consolation prize, a crust tossed from the table to a dog that won’t stop yapping and pissing on the carpet. The media indulged him, patting him on the head like baby that had got potty training right for the first time, and indeed the rest of the F1 circus seemed able to massage his ego, but in the end, beyond all the hoopla over his victory in Mexico Nico Rosberg should remember that he’s still a loser and ought to get used to being so without the tantrums.

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