Football Betting in Kenya Saw Two Players Winning KES 400K at Betway


Posted: January 12, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

At Betway Sports, two customers playing football betting in Kenya predicted so well that won them a lot of money.

Players involved in online betting in Kenya Jonathan Maasai and Anthony Kahiga are kind of football experts. Both of them were able to predict the outcome of 11 out of 12 games correctly last week at Betway Sports. This outstanding achievement in football betting in Kenya earned each of them the KES 400,000 (€3,600) Betway Jackpot Bonus.

Maasai is the employee of Kenya Power, while Kahiga is a bus conductor in Nyandarua. Betway Sports offers internet betting in Kenya since August 2015. It seems that their presence pays well for those, who put sufficient effort into online betting. Or those, who are extremely lucky… Anyways, it’s good to have this established online betting operator in Kenya. For more on Betway Sports, read the  Betway Sports review in our online betting guide!

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