Want To Bet On Darts? Why Not Back Danish Peters.

Ann Louise Peters Danish darts player

You might not have considered a bet on darts recently but as the sport continues to expand away from its roots there’s more than few opportunities for the canny gambler in the multi-layered world of professional darts.

Bet On Darts
• In “The Masters”
Phil Tayor 1.43
Jelle Klaasen 2.75

Darts is another one of those ancient methods of killing people we’ve turned into a sport. In wars of far distant history skirmishers would throw them at the enemy, and practice for this in-battle activity is what created the game we know today. Whether a warrior of the ancient world would scream “One Hundred And Eightyyyyyyyy!!” when he hit a foe in the forehead remains debatable, but the popularity of the game certainly isn’t and with the world championship upon us it might be time you bet on darts.

It’s reputation, particularly amongst those who like to bet on sports in Denmark and elsewhere not naturally associated with it, is perhaps somewhat tainted by the 1970s. The most embarrassing of decades the 1970s saw ghastly architecture, the royal family on It’s A Knock Out, and (it transpired but recently) everyone in light entertainment being a pedophile. It’s effect on darts was to make everyone believe you could only play if you were an overweight alcoholic from “up north”.

Bet On Darts In Denmark As Peters Perseveres

A pub game it was long the preserve of smokey working men’s clubs, only really emerging when television coverage pioneered “split-screen” views of player and board to make it watchable, even if the players were not the world’s best sports role models. In those dark, black & white days, no one bet on darts to reinvent itself and develop a new demographic of both players and fans with live events now experiencing the sort of atmosphere more frequently thought of as being associated with boxing.

“There is no way adequately to describe my fascination with this game.”
said no lesser individual than Stephen Fry well known media personality and posh smart-arse, “Its proponents, heritage, atmosphere and thrill. The heroes of darts from Bristow to Barneveld, from Jockey to the Power, are as totemic and heroic as the myrmidons of Achilles.” Okay, so that might be laying it on a bit thick, but when the likes of Fry are into it, surely it’s time to give a bet on darts a second thought.

This is especially true if you’re Danish gambling laws of averages will eventually see Ann Louise Peters win a tournament as she continues to shake up the rather predictable line up of British or Dutch winners. Aged 40 her progress in the BDO World Darts Championship all the way through to the semi finals was the first indication that a new figure from outside the crowd of usual suspects has arrived to challenge the status quo. Sure she got beaten by Deta Hedman in straight sets, but it’s a start.

Ann Louise Peters Falls In The Final

Deta was herself beaten in the final by Trina Gulliver who’d got by Aileen de Graaf in the semis, and the season ahead now looks likely to be dominated by Peters’ efforts to make inroads on the established names in the ladies game. Meanwhile the men’s competition saw Canadian Jeff Smith battle through to a final of his own after a close match with Richard Veenstra, only to be convincingly slaughtered by Scott Waites in the final, who after a close game against Glen Durrant had breezed by Jamie Hughes.

Waites & Gulliver Win 2013 Dutch Darts Open Titles

Waites & Gulliver Won 2013 The Dutch Darts Open (Photo: Dartsmad)

With Gulliver and Scott Waites might have won in the Lakeside but will they be able to turn tournament wins into a league championship challenge and make the gambling news headlines? 
Well we’ll have to see, but you’ll find all the odds and opportunities you need to bet on darts at ComeOn! Sportsbook, with my personal tip being the up-coming Phil Taylor Jelle Klaasen match, Phil getting 1.43 to Jelle’s 2.75, although title favorite Michael Van Gerwen is just as sure to beat Stephen Bunting getting just 1.11 to Bunting’s 5.90.

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