Future of Online Gambling – What is Ahead?


Posted: July 6, 2021

Updated: July 6, 2021

  • Can we say that the future is already here?
  • How does the future of online gambling look like?
  • This is what you can expect

We sometimes use the catchphrase: the future is here. And as long as online gambling is considered, it is quite true. With all the technological advancements and all the changes in the world, we are not wrong to say this. But what does that bring to these widely-used online gambling sites – besides the future itself?

According to numbers, the online gambling market is growing from day to day. The data from globenewswire.com even say that this tendency is something to remain. “The Global Online Gambling Market is estimated to be USD 57.11 Bn in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 97.69 Bn by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 11.31%.” This could be a “side effect” from lockdowns all over the world, but it is also something that all the technical innovations trigger. Not to mention the fact that more and more countries secure the future of online gambling by making it legal. Just think about the US, and all the development the business has made there since 2018! So, it is obvious that the modifications in the industry are constant. But what does this exactly mean? What kind of changes are we facing?

The VR and AR future of online gambling

It is beyond question: the VR and AR solutions will enter the gambling world. (Or that is to say, they are already entering.) We could be walking around casinos, sitting down at poker tables, and sipping a cocktail at a casino’s bar without having to leave our apartment. As for now, online casino sites in the UK are only experimenting with these techniques, there is for example Mr Green Casino. If you wish to see the future of online gambling, you could do that there!

Altering regulations

Right now, we can see that the regulations are constantly changing. The legislation is becoming more permissive in most countries, but it probably will not stay like that forever. At one point, the area could need stricter jurisdiction. It is mostly because of security and privacy issues, geographical restrictions, and also customer protection. This could affect the future of online gambling itself and also the advertisement it. There are already steps taken to cut back on the advertisement of online gambling sites in the UK.

Less cash, more crypto

We are so past the times when people were betting on the side of horse race tracks, waving cash in their hands all the way! In the past couple of years, we made a huge shift towards online payments. Especially, when it comes to online gambling! Just think about it: credit cards are the only way to pay on sites like Mr Green Casino. But are they? Lately, there is another type of payment on the rise: cryptocurrencies. With new currencies, like Bitcoin, the future of online gambling is changing even more! There are already several sites accepting this type of payment, and in the near future, we could see even more of them. Just watch out, miners!

Future of Online Gambling
Got crypto?

Luring players

It is a fact: online gambling is becoming more and more popular every day. It means that the online gambling sites in the UK and all around the world are having more gamblers than ever. And they are making more bets than ever before. As they say: the demand is forming the supply. So, because of these tendencies, there are more sites offering wagering opportunities. That means that the competition is real and fierce! And as such, these sites are constantly trying to lure more players in. And with what? Well, of course with more bonuses, more offers, more exciting games, and everything that gamblers wish for!

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