Top 5 Mistakes Every Bettor Should Avoid: Beginners’ Guide

  • Are you an emotional bettor?
  • You should never rush when placing a bet.
  • Make sure you avoid the following betting mistakes!
Top 5 Mistakes Every Bettor Should Avoid
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Is it possible to beat the bookmaker? Yes, it is possible, but this requires considerable experience, a serious strategy and a cool head. It is certainly unrealistic to gain experience in a short period of time.  But every player is quite capable of eliminating the most common mistakes of novice betters. So what are the top 5 mistakes every bettor should avoid when playing against bookmakers?

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It takes more than pure luck to be successful in sports betting. Don’t be fooled into believing that winnings are random. This requires a lot more. And, in addition to luck, a good gambler must have a sharp mind, great intuition, foresight, and a deep understanding of what is behind gambling. The purpose of this article is to list the top 5 mistakes every bettor should avoid. 

1. Betting is a Hobby, not a Job – The Most Common Mistake

The biggest and worst mistake that novice players make. It can be a pleasant pastime, a hobby, but not a job. Even if you are good at sports and beat the bookmaker’s line like Bet99 Sportsbook, it should still be a pleasant hobby that brings additional income, nothing more. If you set a goal to live solely on the rates, you will be mired in losses, debt and depression. Of course, everyone considers himself to be the smartest (this is how our psyche works). But believe me, much smarter people than you and I have lost on the delusion that one can live solely on winnings from bets. Thinking of sports betting as fun, not money, is a surefire way to stay afloat. However, it’s up to you to choose. 

2. Mistakes Every Bettor Should Avoid – The Desire to Recoup

How to win back on bets after a loss? The golden rule: if you have lost an amount that you could afford to lose, then your bets for today are over. Do not try to bet for the sake of returning the lost! With this approach, you automatically lose concentration and start betting on all sorts of nonsense. Even if you still have a match that you had in mind before losing, you can still no longer bet on that day.

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to resist, especially if negative emotions force you to make a bet for the sake of winning back. But face it – you have no choice. Either you stop for today, or you continue to lose with a 100% probability – this is the most important law in betting. You can only lose as much as you can afford, and not a penny more. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and check. Choose from the online sportsbook sites in Canada to check your chance.

Top 5 Mistakes Every Bettor Should Avoid
Know your limits

3. Top 5 Betting Errors to Avoid – Ignoring Bookmaker’s Rules

Before placing a bet, a beginner must be sure to familiarize himself with the rules and conditions of the bookmaker’s game. Many beginners ignore this process, and they have many controversial situations, which ultimately play against the better. It is especially important to know the rules of bookmakers in hockey betting. All bookmaking offices, including the online gambling sites in Canada, accept bets on hockey matches in different ways. For instance, Bet99 Sportsbook – for the main time of 3 periods (without the overtime), and other sportsbooks – taking into account the overtimes. Therefore, be careful. If you are a complete beginner, we recommend that you read the bookmaker’s rules. It is not worth reading the entire set, only the rules for betting on the sports where you intend to play.

4. Top 5 Mistakes Every Bettor Should Avoid – Express Bets

Many people are attracted by express bets. They allow you to significantly increase the indicators of the odds, but at the same time the risk of losing if two or more events are not completed is also great. In the absence of experience, this tactic often turns out to be a losing one. Most beginners try to collect giant multi-bets from clear favorites or events with low odds. Of course, if we consider each match locally, it seems that only a miracle can prevent such a bet from being played. But this impression is misleading. In fact, such express trains are bread for any bookmaker’s office. You can read about more typical betting mistakes here.

5. Only Betting on Your Favorite Team – A Typical Mistake

This point seems a bit controversial because some players choose to ignore it. Of course, bets should be fun and emotional. But sometimes it is worth looking at the rate more objectively: it is possible and necessary to bet on your favorite team, but only if your opinion as an analyst coincides with this. Still, try to be more sober and bet on the team based on its game form, and not from the form in which it plays. In this case, you tend to listen to your heart, not your head, and it could end up badly in the long run. These were the top 5 mistakes every bettor should avoid. By the way, in case you didn’t know, bookmakers make mistakes too. Check out the most common mistakes that bookmakers make.

To sum this up, bets require certain knowledge from the player, the ability to make competent decisions and painstaking work. Frivolous attitude to bets is the most common, but not the only, mistake made by beginners. When playing with the bookmakers there should be no rush. And each bet should be carried out in cold blood with a thorough analysis of the upcoming sporting event. You need to understand all the intricacies of the best bookmaker offices such as Bet99 Sportsbook and gain experience by making small bets. This will allow you to develop your own game strategy and only then count on big wins. In case you want more tips from us, check out our article about typical mistakes in gambling.

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