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Posted: April 27, 2020

Updated: April 27, 2020

  • Lots of pro gamblers share their experience in biographical books
  • Many fictional works are based on gambling or inspired by it
  • What useful tips can be found in both literature pieces?

If you don’t trust advice from the Internet, listen to time-tested literature works. Lots of books either fictional or biographical are based on real-life gambling stories that can be useful even through the years. What gambling tips from books written by experienced players and casino researchers are relevant nowadays?

Books of different genres have always been a source of useful information and pearls of wisdom. Even gambling activities can boast for several classic books written by world-famous authors, to say nothing about a real-life experience from modern gamblers. Lots of casino winners share their secrets in autobiographical works, while gambling researchers figure out how to beat a casino. Therefore, there are a lot of useful tips and tricks in gambling books. They are truly helpful in improving your own success and you can test it at Unibet Casino later. But first, let’s see what works can you read to learn everything about gambling.

“Sharp Sports Betting” is among the best books about gambling

Stanford Wong is probably the most known gambling author, whose book “Professional Blackjack” brought him recognition. However, we think that “Sharp Sports Betting” is his top work so far. Gambling tips from books like these can help professionals to sharpen their skills and aim for bigger winnings. This book has the most groundbreaking approach to gambling with lots of useful information you will want to use. Gambling tips from books like this will teach you how to place a bet correctly, how much money to bet to benefit, and what are the ways of tricking online gambling sites in the UK or any other country. According to professional critics and common players’ reviews, “Sharp Sports Betting” is in the top-3 of the best books about gambling. It is a bit difficult to read though, but Wong provides newcomers with the necessary glossary and detailed tables. So, once you have time at home, use this book as the major guidance through the casino world.

gambling tips from books
Books often go more in-depth than online guides.

Russian classic about a gambler’s psychology

Russian literature contains a lot of useful and lifelike information about all spheres and gambling is not an exception. “The Gambler” by Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of the brightest examples of a wellhead of gambling tips from books. You might have heard about notable works of this famous Russian writer, such as “Crime and Punishment” and “The Idiot”. Dostoevsky’s novels are still relevant as they reflect the most common human evils that don’t change from century to century.

Unlike other books on the list, “The Gambler” doesn’t touch upon best poker tips or casino hidden secrets. The novel focuses on the psychological side of a roulette player, a Russian tutor, whose passion for gambling becomes a fixture in his life. “The Gambler” is based on Dostoevsky’s personal experience of being a compulsive poker player, which led him to bankruptcy. Interestingly, the writer wrote his novel under a strict deadline to pay off his gambling debts.

Scientific guidelines from “Gambling 102”

“Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games” is a book by American mathematician Michael Shackleford, who is also proficient in gambling studies. He wrote the book in 2005 aiming to learn how betting can be always win-win from the scientific point of view. Shackleford spent years analyzing casino games from the mathematical side using computer modeling of a real-life casino game. He wrote his outcomes in a 19-chapter book which is short enough to finish it in one evening. The results of his studies can be used in any game – from poker to roulette – so it is definitely worth reading. 

Gambling tips from books by Al Alvarez

A British poet Al Alvares gave the world another interesting fiction book about gambling. His “The Biggest Game in Town” was inspired by the author’s trip to Las Vegas, visiting local casinos, and speaking to winners. This work can be especially interesting for amateurs in casino games as it fully describes the experience of entering the gambling world. Why do people gamble? How do casino games change life without winning? You will learn answers to these questions from the book.

gambling tips from books
Grab a book and level up your skills!

“The Biggest Game in Town” shows the gambling industry from the inside. The book focuses mostly on poker as a hobby or a lifestyle. You will be surprised how differently players treat gambling. Moreover, the winner’s emotions and secrets will serve as a guide through the real World Series of Poker. Alvares has spent weeks collecting tips and tricks at the 1981 tournament, which resulted in this book two years later.

Beat the Dealer? Easy!

Edward O. Thorp is an American math professor and gambling researcher whose outcomes of his research are of special interest nowadays. His most famous work is “Beat the Dealer”, which is an ultimate guide on how to win in blackjack. The book focuses on a mathematical approach to house advantage in blackjack and proves the card counting supremacy over it. Thanks to this disclosure, “Beat the Dealer” entered the list of the best books about gambling of all time. Thorp received the name of a father of card counting after the publication of the book in 1966. Isn’t it amazing that his research is still relevant in 2020?

However, “Beat the Dealer” is worth reading not only because of its major breakthrough. Thorp also wrote about the basics of twenty-one and its winning strategies. They can be used not only in blackjack but also in its variations like pontoon. Try reading this work along with the otters from the list and your gambling skills will improve significantly.

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