Gambling With Tarot Cards – Even If You Don’t Believe In It


Posted: July 5, 2022

Updated: July 5, 2022

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According to Reddit, there is a large community of people who enjoy tarot cards. Therefore, if you are one of them then gambling with tarot cards is a must. Because there are many different party games for Tarot. However, this is probably the first and only modern reinterpretation of these cards. Furthermore, there is a very interesting twist to the whole rule set. Because after you played a fair card game of gambling using Tarots, you can read your future.

Therefore, this setting allows you to legitimately win money with fair rules, then keep the cards and get a reading. Themes such as Tarots are famous design choices at online gambling sites in the US. Because everyone loves this card-sized art of fortune-telling. Therefore, let’s discover how you can play a legit gambling game using these cards.

Gambling With Tarot Cards

According to Historical Research Update, this is not the first time throughout the history of our world when gambling with tarot cards was a thing. It was rather popular in European countries such as Hungary or Slovakia. Therefore, our famous gambling play cards resemble an art style similar to tarot prints. However, in the 15th century, the game was designed to be played as a form of gambling. Therefore, the mystical fortune-telling aspects have been added later to the trend.

However, fortune telling has charming magical thinking to it. Therefore, it became one of the most popular forms of Tarot cards. Today, the majority of people do not believe in fortune-telling. However, the design and meaningful aesthetics of the cards might take your interest. This is why you should try to play this gambling game of chance with your friends.

Introduction To Tarot Cards

According to Free Rad Books, you can do legit gambling with tarot cards now. Therefore, this new gambling card game ruleset is called Fortuna. The creator of this game is Benjamin Loomis.

Gambling With Tarot Cards
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Because he created a system that reverts this card game to its 15th-century form. However, you can play this card even if you are not a fan of the mystique behind it. Because this is once again, legitimate gambling. There is no way to cheat this system, and you can wager money on it. Therefore, this is a new game 

Gambling With Tarot Cards Explained

There is a mathematical system behind everything in this world. Therefore, if you wish to learn the mathematical interpretation of mystics Because we have collected everything about the number 7 in gambling. Therefore, even if you don’t believe in the mystics, you should still try gambling with tarot cards. Because we are going to introduce you to the Fortuna format created by Benjamin Loomis. However, you should prepare for the game at hand.

Therefore, make sure that you will invite someone who wants to wager money on this game. Furthermore, it is advised to play with a dealer as a third person. This is everything you need to prepare:

  • 1 Tarot Deck (78 cards deck recommended)
  • 2 or more players
  • A dealer
  • At least one valuable item to wager for each player
  • Money to wager
  • Someone who reads tarots (Alternatively, you can keep the ending cards for later reading)

The Rules of Gambling with Tarot Cards

The rules of gambling with tarot cards are pretty easy to understand. Because there are four phases in a turn. The draw, play, take and discard phase. To begin the game, you have to shuffle the deck of tarots seven times. To play cards, you have to make either a run or a set. Because the run is three cards of the same suit. However, a set has three cards in the same rank.

Gambling With Tarot Cards
Picture Source: Pixabay

When a set or a run is played, take an item of value and set it on the cards played. At the end of each turn, you discard a card. However, when someone runs out of cards, the game is over. Every player gets to keep the valuables on their side of the field. The valuables may be moved freely every time a set or a run is made. Therefore, you can take claimed valuables too.

Read Your Future After Legit Gambling

The most interesting part about this game only begins after the game. Because at the end of the game, players may keep the valuables. Therefore, you can win or lose on this gamble. However, gambling with Tarot Cards allows more. Because you get to keep your winning or losing cards. Therefore, even if you lose, you can get at least a little thrill out of fortune-telling. This is the opposite of how to win poker with a Tarot. If no one you know reads Tarots, you shouldn’t worry. Because nowadays you can visit a tarot reader in real life. Furthermore, you may just get your cards to read online, even for free.

Best Gambling Site for Mystique Lovers 

The world of gambling is filled with many interesting aspects. Therefore, gambling with tarot cards is not the only thing you can do to entertain yourself. Because there are mythologies and religions with the Gods of Gambling. Furthermore, everyone enjoys a game of luck. Then why wouldn’t you humor yourself with some mystical fortune-telling? Even if you believe in it, it can be entertaining once a month.

However, if you just want to enjoy simple gambling. Then you should visit Casino. Because they have all sorts of mystical-themed slot machines. Furthermore, they come with different services. Therefore, one day you might find a tarot-themed slot game.

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