Glenn Verbauwhede Presenting Crazy Goalkeeper Skills


Posted: March 25, 2016

Updated: March 25, 2016

Crazy goalkeeper skills can be incredibly spectacle or incredibly unfair… Our story belongs to the latter group unfortunately.

We can often see goalkeepers trying to waste time and annoying rival’s strikers by leaving an easy ball and waiting for the forward to attack them. When the opponent comes too close, the keeper shows crazy goalkeeper skills, throws himself on the ground, catches the ball and useful seconds pass by during the not-so-fair act of wasting time.

However, that is a perfectly acceptable way of wasting time in football. Those who bet on sports can’t complain that their bet lost because of a time-wasting goalie, and no referee has ever said a word unless it was taken to the next level. And that’s exactly what Glenn Verbauwhede, goalkeeper at South African Premier League club Maritzburg United, has done. He took wasting time to the next level, thanks to which he definitely became entitled to join the shortlist of those players who will never receive the green card in football.

Check out Verbauwhede’s crazy goalkeeper skills

But what has he done exactly? Verbauwhede caught an easy ball, controlled with his feet as it was coming weakly and slowly. He waited for the next striker to attack him. He needs this before executing his perfect plan: when the striker reaches close enough, Verbauwhede makes an incredible move forward to head the striker at the same time as catching the ball.

The result is perfect. The striker received a yellow card for attacking the goalkeeper. Let’s just make it simple and clear: Verbauwhede made a foul, and the victim was punished for the keeper’s mistake. And then some still believe that believing in fair play still pays off. Sure. Worst part is, online sportsbooks in South Africa don’t care if your bet loses because of a referee mistake. They have to work with the facts, and fact is, the striker got a yellow card for the goalie’s foul. Anyways, give more pleasure to your eyes, let’s see Verbauwhede’s crazy goalkeeper skills.

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