Global Online Gambling Market – How is it Going?


Posted: July 27, 2021

Updated: July 27, 2021

  • The past year of the online global gambling market
  • What to expect in 2021?

Although many businesses suffered from the consequences of the past year, the online gambling market seems to be getting on really well. More exactly: it is doing just great! And as to the current predictions, the position of the global online gambling market will not be languishing, but the contrary! Let us see the details!

One thing is obvious: the year of 2020 favored online businesses. (Or at least those ones that have online options as well.) And it definitely favored the global online gambling market. As more people stayed at home with more free time on their hands, more and more of them tried some kind of online gaming form. Also, those who already were into gambling played more. And thanks to online gambling sites in the US, and all around the world, they had everything they needed to do that! Online slots, odds on events, poker tables, and so on. So, what is up with the industry right now? And also: what does the future hold for it?

The past year of the global online gambling market

The released an article based on the data from a study, conducted by It squarely shows that the global online gambling market did outstandingly well. In fact, the online casino market grew so quickly that it managed to reach $64.1 billion in 2020. What could be the reasons behind that? Well, one of them is certainly about brick-and-mortar casinos. As they had to be closed for most of the year, people had to look for alternatives. And a great one of those is online casinos! There is, for example, Whamoo Casino, which has everything a wager can wish for. We already mentioned another reason above: it is people spending more time in their homes with much free time. It means that they had the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games or to dive into a whole new world for them: online gambling.

Global Online Gambling Market

Global online gambling market: 2021 is here

We never thought this could happen, but 2020 is finally over, and we are already past most of 2021. And therefore, the predictions on the trending of the global online gambling market already began. According to the above-mentioned study, the market is expected to grow an additional 12% during this year. And that would mean reaching $72.02 billion! And that is something we call remarkable! However, some say that with the world getting back to normal, the growth will not continue. People will find other ways to spend their free time, they will not want to spend so much time in their own homes. But market researchers do not think that is the case: they discovered that people just got used to spending time at home, and they do enjoy playing games online. Especially those, who discovered the advantages of it during 2020.

Predictions, predictions

Who can tell what the future holds for the global online gambling market? That is right, no one. There are several factors working up and against each other, and there is no telling which one will be stronger than the rest. It is true, that now people are freer to spend their time wherever they want, they go to work, they go to parks, to bars and so on.

On the other hand, online casinos are improving day by day, giving customers an experience to enjoy. Just visit Whamoo Casino, which is one of the most popular online casino sites in the US, and you will see what we are talking about! There are also more bonuses, more great offers, not to mention the inventions toward AR casinos. With bearing these in mind, basically, anything can happen. But we guess, we are going to have to wait until next year when the next data are out!

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